WrestleMania week was just one week ago today, and Circle 6 delivered some memorable moments and matches.

There was no shortage of wrestling content available to everyone in town for the week or for viewers watching from home. Whether it was at the Globe Theater, UCC, or other smaller venues. Circle 6 ran ten-plus shows from KnuckleHead Hollywood and one show at Super Chief Gallery.

The full list of events held by Circle 6 during Mania week.

You had a show for every type of wrestling fan from solid one on one matches, to hardcore specialty matches, an under-the-radar Circle 6 world championship defense, to possibly the best and most violent deathmatch of the year. All these matches were special and felt special because of the talent and venue. The Knucklehead gives everyone in attendance that close feel to each match as it is the only venue in wrestling where you are literally by the action. If you wanted a break from wrestling, Circle 6 provided us with one of the most legendary karaoke shows ever judged by the even more legendary Minoru Suzuki.

Highlights From Circle 6’s Big WrestleMania Week

Atticus Cogar vs Jacob Fatu (Flaming Table match) Momma Cogar’s Delicate Flowers

AJ Gray vs JTG (Casket Match) Hoodfoot’s Crosses + Caskets

AJ trying to secure the victory against JTG in their Casket match

Jake Crist vs Brian Kendrick Jake Crist’s Firestarters

Zachary Wentz vs Titus Alexander (Circle 6 World Championship match) Zachary Wentz’s Treehouse of Dreams

Minoru Suzuki Karaoke Jam

Kevin Blackwood serenading the Knucklehead

Atticus Cogar vs Jimmy Lloyd (No Peace Championship match) No Peace Underground

Matthew Justice vs Bobby Beverly (Clockwork Orange House of Doom match) Circle 6 SVN

Justice and Beverly embracing each other after one of the best deathmatches of the year.

Atticus Cogar vs Casanova Valentine (No Ring No Rules) NFC MurderMania

Atticus embracing Casanova.

In the end, every show put out by Circle 6 had plenty of match of the weekend contenders. Matthew Justice had a fantastic debut weekend for the company. Atticus continues to show why he is the workhorse of the company having matchups with Jacob Fatu, Jimmy Lloyd, and Casanova Valentine. The world champion Zachary Wentz went into the weekend with two big matches and did not disappoint. AJ Gray has not lost a beat. This weekend showed the industry that Circle 6 does live up to the title “Menace 2 The Industry.” Find out for yourself by checking out all of the shows. Especially the Suzuki Karaoke jam. Who doesn’t want to watch some of the staples of the company sing Creed, Limp Bizkit, and other fan-favorite songs.

So, did you get to check out any events from Circle 6 this past weekend?

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