Dark Crystal Age of Resistance 1

A few weeks ago Netflix launched a new age of enlightenment by relaunching the Dark Crystal saga with their original show Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Reviews by both critics and fans, old and newly made, speak largely positive of the new series. Now Boom comics continues the story with the comic tale Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance 1/12.

Cover 2 Cover

The cover of this issue looks gorgeous. Mona Finden creates a beautifully colored masterpiece. It features the All-Maudra, Captain Ordon (Rian’s father) and a podling we can only assume to be Hup. A Skeksis and Mystic are worked into the top of the cover, but their identities are unknown and they do not feature in this issue any way.

As with all #1 issues these days there are a slew of other covers one can hunt down. Here are the other amazing covers:

The art inside is also beautifully done. Colors match what we have come to expect from the series and movie, while detail fades at times in certain panels, it returns when needed and it always conveys exactly what is needed.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance 1 – The First of 3 Parts

Ordon teaching fellow gelfling
Master Ordon in Action

The cover shows us characters from the Netflix series, but the tale within comes from an older time, backing up the story another 30-50 trine. The tale inside this cover is subtitled The Quest for the Dual Glaive Pt 1 of 4. It appears this 12 part arc will be split into three tales.

This story backs us up to a time when Captain Ordon is a mere soldier. Ordon represents the best of the Gelfling fighters even at this age, but he merely serves as the head of the Stone-In-The-Wood soldiers.

The story remains pretty simple. The arathim attack the Gelflings and they must find a way to fight back. Even Skekvar agrees they need an answer. Skekvar offers Ordon the position he will hold in the series, Captain of the guard at the palace of the Crystal.

Age of Resistance 1: A Quest Begins

villager tells Ordon about the Arathim attacks
A threat awakens

While he agrees to think about the offer, Ordon sets out on a quest to find the dual glaive and protect the Gelfling. While this issue goes no further than launching the quest, it sets up some interesting foreshadows.

This Ordon is young. He carries the air of power and command even at this age, yet he lacks the scars and weight his shoulders carried in the series. One interesting insight this story gives us; the issue shows us insight into Ordon and his views on family. In the series, Ordon maintained a professional, soldier’s relationship with Rian. While Rian may does not exist yet, the relationship between Ordon and his wife show insight into what comes later.

The Tag Along

Ordon refuses all help and sets out on the quests of the dual glaive by himself. He alone will bare the burden as he travels to the land of the Grottans. No quest ever takes place with one person. There are always partners that show up to join the quest. Age of Resistance 1 follows this same pattern.

When Ordon declares himself the one to complete the quest, a young female child (?) bursts forth and wants to join the quest. Due to her youth the Maudra of the Stone-in-the-wood clan says no. The young female lacks the age and experience to join the journey. The girl begins to pout. It is here that Maudra drops the name of the youngling – Fara.

Those who enjoyed the Netflix series recognize this name. Young Fara may be young now, but she matures into the Gelfling that will proceed her mother and be Maudra of the Stone-in-the-wood clan during the series. Fara leads her clan against the Skeksis and their ways. She leads two of the other clans into opposing Seledon’s claim to the throne of All-Maudra.

What Lies Ahead

Age of Resistance 1 starts a journey that not only sets the board for the Netflix series, but allows us to follow a few of the young pieces that will later be crucial. Ordon, Fara, the Dual Glaive, the Ascendancy….so begins a journey that should be fun to follow for the next 11 issues.