Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is a crowd-pleaser in every sense of the word. Avid Dungeons and Dragons players will love it. Anyone who hasn’t played a game of Dungeons and Dragons will love it. Anyone who believes that Chris Pine is the best of the Hollywood Chrises will surely love it. A large part of what makes the film so great is that it includes several Easter eggs related to D&D lore throughout the film. That way, eagle-eyed fans can spot the references, and non-fans can enjoy the movie (or have more questions to ask their friends). As a long-time D&D fan, I spotted some Easter eggs throughout the film.

Szass Tam

The necromancer Szass Tam is a looming presence in Honor Among Thieves, and with good reason. In the world of the Forgotten Realms, Tam and his fellow Red Wizards ruled the nation of Thay. Unfortunately, Tam also happens to be a lich or a creature whose spirit has bonded to the flesh of a dead man. That, combined with his mystical abilities, makes him one of the most formidable foes in D&D history. His partner, Sofina, seeks to turn the city of Neverwinter into an army of the dead for her master. Edgin Darvis (played by Pine) and his fellow thieves manage to stop Sofina, but there are hints that Tam may seek revenge against them.

Baldur’s Gate

The many exotic locales in the Forgotten Realms era of Dungeons & Dragons populate the game with a variety of options for players to craft compelling campaigns. Among them is Baldur’s Gate, a city full of the prosperous and wealthy. It also acts as a magnet to pirates, thieves and adventurers of all kinds. When Edgin and his barbarian partner Holga (played by Michelle Rodriguez) escape prison, they consider Baldur’s Gate as a potential location to go to. Over the years, Baldur’s Gate has proven popular enough to spawn its own video game series – which would be perfect for a potential spinoff series if Honor Among Thieves births a franchise.

Gelatinous Cubes, Mimics and Owlbears – Oh My!

Along with its various locales, the Forgotten Realms also carry plenty of creatures that show up throughout the film, including the mimic and the gelatinous cube. And yet one of these cubes ends up saving the lives of Edgin and his friends, thanks to some quick thinking from Wildshape Dorric (Sophia Lillis). One of these cubes was central to my first campaign, so that was a nice touch to the film.

The 1980’s Cartoon Is Referenced – And It’s Glorious

This isn’t the first time that D&D has been adapted. There was the ill-fated 2000 film (which is only memorable because of Jeremy Irons hamming it up) and the 1980’s Dungeons & Dragons animated series. The show revolves around six friends who get teleported to the Forgotten Realms to battle Venger, the evil, on behalf of the mysterious Dungeon Master. In Honor Among Thieves, the D&D Animated cast appears during the Highrun Games, where they fight alongside Edgin’s crew to survive the mysterious maze. However, they end up getting caught in a trap just as Sofina unleashes the Red Death on Highwinter, leaving their fate up in the air until a sequel.

So, what do you think of some of these Easter Eggs in Honor Among Thieves?

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is now playing in theaters.

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