ODDTAXI is as odd as its name implies. And yet, perhaps that’s why this 2021 anime is one of the most popular of that year. That popularity might also be why it’s getting a manga spinoff now. With said manga spinoff not being about anthropomorphic animals like in the anime for reasons yet unexplained.

RoOT: Route of OddTaxi ~ There are Humans Now?!

'RoOT: Route of OddTaxi' Vol. 1 cover art.
Is this going to be like a Zootopia fanfic where humans enter the world of anthropomorphic animals?

The official Twitter account of ODDTAXI has just revealed that they are working on a new spinoff project called RoOT: Route of OddTaxi. As the first part of this new project, they’re revealing a new manga series of that same name by the mangakas of the original ODDTAXI manga: writer Kazuya Konomoto and artist/illustrator Takeichi Abaraya. In fact, they dropped the cover art for volume 1 above just to hype it up.

ODDTAXI fans will immediately notice that the 2 main characters of RoOT: Route of OddTaxi are not anthropomorphic animals. They are, in fact, humans. The guy on the left is Sato, and the girl on the right is Reina, but you can see that they are both clearly very human. Why are a pair of humans the star of a manga spinoff of a world where everyone is an anthropomorphic animal? Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to that question. Not yet, at any rate. I presume the reason for this sudden world of humans will be something the manga’s story will reveal to us later.

Like Zootopia, but darker and creepier.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any current plans to localize RoOT: Route of OddTaxi. This manga is currently only available on the Japanese website Shogakukan. With the manga itself only available in Japanese, of course. So, unfortunately, we will have to wait a bit for an American company to translate it for NA release. In the meantime though, you can still watch the ODDTAXI anime on Crunchyroll if you want a reminder as to what the story is about. And how there were definitely no humans in the anime.

Source: Twitter