You know how Crunchyroll announced a while back that Mashle: Magic and Muscles was getting an anime adaptation? Well, it seems like we’re going to be able to see that anime adaptation pretty soon now. Crunchyroll even has a new official teaser trailer for the anime to hype up that fact. Don’t believe me? Then why do you check out the cream puffs for yourself below? Yes, you read that right.

Mashle: Cream Puffs and…More Cream Puffs?!

Mashle’s thoughts: ‘Cream puffs, cream puffs, cream puffs…’

Crunchyroll is proud to announce that they will soon be streaming cream puffs…sorry, Mashle: Magic and Muscles on their streaming platform via that official teaser trailer above on YouTube. Said teaser trailer depicts, well, cream puffs galore. Mashle apparently finds himself in a world of cream puffs, where the worth of every person is determined entirely by their ability to make cream puffs. Fortunately(?), this world turns out to be a lovely yet off-kilter dream Mash himself was having.

In addition, at the end of this teaser trailer, Crunchyroll reveals when we’ll get to see these delicious cream puffs, I mean, this anime. Apparently, Mashle: Magic and Muscles will make its debut sometime in April 2023. Of course though, this anime is going to be a Crunchyroll exclusive. So unfortunately, if you want to watch this anime, then you will have to pay for a Crunchyroll premium account. If you’re strapped for cash, then my advice is to wait for this anime to finish airing, and then pay for a single month of premium to binge-watch it all in one go. You get the most bang for your buck that way.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles ~ Synopsis

'Mashle: Magic and Muscles' NA key art.
It’s as ridiculous as it looks here.

Are you a bit confused as to what Mashle: Magic and Muscles is about? Are you even more confused by all the cream puffs? Well, don’t worry. Crunchyroll has an entirely cream puff-less synopsis ready for us today. You can check that out below:

This is a world of magic.

This is a world in which magic is casually used by everyone.

In a deep, dark forest in this world of magic, there is a boy who is single-mindedly working out.

His name is Mash Burnedead, and he has a secret. He can’t use magic.

All he wanted was to live a quiet life with his family, but people suddenly start trying to kill him one day and he somehow finds himself enrolled in Magic School. There, he sets his sights on becoming a “Divine Visionary,” the elite of the elite.

Will his ripped muscles work against the best and brightest of the wizarding world?

The curtain rises on this off-kilter magical fantasy in which the power of being jacked crushes any spell!