Bad news for all of you Bofuri fans awaiting the next adventures of Maple Tree: it seems we’ll have to wait a bit longer for them. And by “a bit”, I mean substantially longer. That is, if you count a 2-week delay for the broadcast of Ep. 7 as substantial.

No Bofuri Ep. 7 For Us? (At Least, For a While)

'Bofuri season 2' NA key art.
I guess it will be a while before we get to see what this is all about.

The official Twitter account of Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense. season 2 has just announced that they will delay the broadcast and distribution of Ep. 7. Specifically for 2 weeks. Since we’re currently on Ep. 5 as of this writing, that means that we’ll get 1 more episode on February 15, 2023; and then no more for 2 weeks after that, assuming that they stick to their original schedule of a new episode every Wednesday.

So why this 2 week delay, you might ask? Well, Bofuri season 2’s Twitter post explicitly mentions that this delay is due to a new outbreak of coronavirus in Japan happening as of this writing. Unfortunately, Japan is a bit on the forefront of any new COVID-19 outbreak, so you can understand why they take it so seriously. If it means delays in seeing the new adventures of Maple, Sally, and the rest of Maple Tree; well, it’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing we can do about it. All we can do is hope the production staff are all well, and patiently wait for that Ep. 7.

I’m a bit disappointed that Maple didn’t eat the dragon this time.

In the meantime though, you can watch all currently available episodes of Bofuri only on Crunchyroll. Unfortunately, you need to pay for a Crunchyroll premium account to watch this anime and all others on the streaming platform. My advice here is to wait for season 2 to eventually finish broadcasting, and then pay for a single month of premium to binge-watch it all in one go. You get the most bang for your buck that way.