Who doesn’t love that grouchy half-demon hero: Hellboy? Well, Dark Horse and Mike Mignola looks like they’re going to be releasing a lot more of him soon-ish.

Mike Mignola himself.
Mike Mignola’s smug face.

Dark Horse Comics officially announces the Hellboy Omnibus Collection Boxed Set. This omnibus set features a specially slipcase with original art by Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart. The omnibus contains all 4 Hellboy trade paperbacks: Seeds of Destruction, Strange Places, The Wild Hunt, and Hellboy in Hell. Previously, all 4 TPBs were only available as individual volumes, but now, no more. The grand total for this omnibus is 1600 pages worth of stories, all contained in a box set measuring 6-5/8 x 10-3/16.

Hellboy omnibus.
So much Hellboy.

The Hellboy Omnibus Collection Boxed Set has a retail price of $99.96. The omnibus will be available in comic book stores on September 29, 2021; and bookstores will get it a little later on October 12, 2021. Considering that this is Hellboy we’re talking about, it’s the perfect reading material to enjoy Halloween with.

Hellboy Gets Artistic

Hellboy: His Life and Times in black and white.
Hellboy: an example of great modern art.

If you’re a really dedicated Hellboy fan though, Dark Horse Direct is also offering Hellboy: His Life and Times Artist Line Art Edition. These are essentially reprints of the Hellboy: His Life and Times Fine Art Prints, but without the color. Seriously, it’s only in black and white. But hey, if you wanted it before, here’s your chance to get it once again.

The same as above, but with color.
Looks better in color, but it’s better than nothing.

Each Hellboy: His Life and Times Artist Line Art Edition print measures 24″ x 18″, so you’ll need to make some space on your walls for it. Unfortunately, you can only preorder this here from now until April 1 at 5:00 P.M. PST. The artwork will only be printed according to how many preorders it gets, and will apparently never be printed again. Anticipating the demand, Dark Horse Direct is capping the preorders at 2 per person. Each print will cost $49.99, so it’s a big chunk out of your wallet regardless though. It will also ship to customers by May 2021, so you’ll have a bit of a wait before you can hang it up on your walls.

The same as above, but with a blown up version on the walls.
Or you can make it into the wall. That’s fine too.


Dark Horse Comics will release the Hellboy omnibus edition on September 29 (for comic book stores) and October 12 (for regular bookstores) for about $100. It’s the perfect read for Halloween, if a bit pricey. There’s also a fine art print of Hellboy: His Life and Times for $50 from Dark Horse Direct, but I’m not sure how many people would want it. Since they’re making so many limits on the preorders though, it must be in high demand.

Source: Dark Horse Comics