This year is going to be a little different for us Star Wars fans. May the 4th is usually a day for us to celebrate Star Wars with our friends and family. From going out shopping for those great STAR WARS Day exclusives to trivia night at your local bar, there was always something to do. Well due to the Covid-19 pandemic all of that has changed. But, thanks to the Scum & Villainy Cantina we can be connected all day long with fans around the galaxy. On May 4th they will have a 24 hour livestream to celebrate our biggest day of the year from the safety of our homes.

Star Wars day

Scum & Villainy STAR WARS Day Event

In a report from the Nerdist, Scum & Villainy owner J.C. Reifenberg wanted to do something special for STAR WARS Day. Here is what he told the Nerdist:

May the 4th (STAR WARS Day) is a day that grew from a clever pun to become the biggest nerd holiday of them all. Everyone is a Star Wars fan on May the 4th, the same way that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s day. With social distancing rules in place and people not able to gather outside of their homes, we wanted to create a place for fans to gather virtually, connect to other fans, and hopefully see something new and entertaining in the spirit of the holiday—for fans, by fans.”


What to expect

Yeah we all know this is not the way we planed for STAR WARS day to go. But at least we know we will have some great STAR WARS content at the click of the mouse. You will see some special guests throughout the day shuch as Kevin Smith, James Arnold Taylor, Sam Witwer and many more. Also retailers like Sideshow and Geeki Tiki will be involved as well. Maybe we will get some STAR WARS Day exclusives.

We want to hear from you

You will be able to watch this livestream starting at 12:01am PT on May the 4th on Scum & Villainy’s Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch. Also know that schedules can change at anytime. So, make to to follow them anyway on social media for any changes. Thanks to the Nerdist we have also included the schedule of events below.

What are your plans for STAR WARS Day? Do you plan on checking out this livestream? Well That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you.

You can tell us your thoughts by hitting us up on Twitter or myself @starwarsnerd574. You can also join me at the Midwest Star Wars Fanatics fan page to chat all things about the galaxy far, far away. Also, make sure to stay up to date on all the STAR WARS Day news by following us at and the Star Wars Fanatics on Facebook. I can’t wait to see you all this year at Celebration.

Star Wars The Clone Wars

Scum & Villainy STAR WARS Day livestream schedule

  • 12:00am: Welcome to the Livestream
  • 1:00am: A Certain Point of View Debate Show with James Arnold Taylor
  • 2:00am: Super Star Wars Super Nintendo Playthrough with Commentary
  • 3:00am: An Interview with Richard Edlund
  • 4:00am: TBA
  • 5:00am: Fan Films and Creators – TroopsHan Solo – A Smuggler’s TradeKenobi with Kevin Rubio and Jamie Costa
  • 6:00am: Starwoids Documentary
  • 7:00am: LiningUp TV
  • 8:00am: Interview with John Dykstra, special effects pioneer
  • 9:00am: Greg Grunberg Highlights the Passion of Star Wars Fans
  • 10:00am: Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Crossovers with Cliff Broadway and Sala Baker
  • 11:00am: Fair Use Under the Galactic Empire: Cory Doctorow, The Sucklord, Dennis Przywara, Justin Sewell
  • 11:30am: Leonard Maltin
  • 12:00pm: James Arnold Taylor Retrospective with the Cast of The Clone Wars and More!
  • 1:00pm: Sideshow Collectibles
  • 2:00pm: Geeki Tiki
  • 2:30pm: Steve Sansweet and Rancho Obi-Wan
  • 3:00pm: Todd Stashwick, Steele Saunders, and J.C. Reifenberg Watch A New Hope
  • 5:00pm: Kyle Newman, Sam Witwer, and Jen Muro on the Star Wars Prequels
  • 6:00pm: Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin watch The Empire Strikes Back
  • 9:00pm: Star Wars Live Online Trivia
  • 11:00pm: Mega64 Live!

Source: Nerdist