Guys! Are you aware we still have a NEW Hellboy film coming in January?? Earlier in the year we got a sneak peek at Stranger Things actor David Harbour in all red and donning those famous shaved down horns, and damn he looked bad ass. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be a huge fan of Del Toro’s two Hellboy films, and Ron Pearlman will always be the OG Hellboy to me, but I like the direction this new film looks to be headed. Well things have been quiet from the film, no news all summer, not even from SDCC… until now.

With four months until the release of the film on January 11, 2018, we were bound to get some new news soon right? Great news! Yesterday on the official Hellboy Twitter account, it was announced that the film will indeed have a presence at New York Comic Con and the whole cast will be there. The cast including Harbour, Sasha Lane (playing Alice Monaghan), Daniel Dae Kim (playing Major Ben Daimio) and Ian McShane (playing Professor Trevor Bruttenholm) will be in attendance alongside the creator of the comic, Mike Mignola, on Saturday, October 6.

Creator Mike Mignola has said the approach to this movie was to “play it much less like a superhero film, to downplay the superhero elements even more than [Guillermo] del Toro did. This one is much more folklore/mythology/horror, and not “big team rushing into to do battle with whatever kind of stuff.” And with Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall directing I’m anticipating a darker Hellboy than whet we’ve seen in the past.

I’m assuming we’ll get our first poster and trailer of the film at NYCC so you don’t want to miss out on this panel if you get a chance to attend NYCC this year. That Hashtag Show will be on location bringing you up to the minute news when we get it. So stay tuned!