So, Critical Role has finally entered the world of makeup with a collaboration with Hipdot Cosmetics. Check it out! The CR team will be putting a small makeup collection based on their Campaign 2 characters. Hipdot Cosmetics CEO, Jeff Sellinger, did have this to say about the collaboration:

So, with this collaboration we are excited to bring the beauty and roleplaying worlds together in an inclusive way, providing people from all walks of life a new way to get into character. Critical Role came out the gate doing things in a way that hadn’t been done before, which really resonated with us and the way we approach things – we love the beautiful and fun world they have created and it has been a pleasure recreating their world in a makeup collection. HipDot has become a trailblazer in the beauty industry working with all different types of brands, and being able to bring the beloved Critical Role brand into our industry has been one of the most unique experiences to date.

Critical Role cast member Laura Bailey did also mention:

The cast has been imagining ideas for a mythical makeup collaboration for ages and it’s been an absolute dream come true to see this come to life with HipDot. Every step of the way, they brought fantastic ideas to the table and really captured the magic of our Fletching & Moondrop carnival, as well as opening the palette feels like you have a ticket to the show. (Side note – I’m obsessed with the Lionette Wine lip color.)

So, this new collection with HipDot Cosmetics is going to be a boxed set of 3 lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, and a beautiful highlighter:

Below, we’ll have a description for each Critical Role Makeup product, so you can see what each one looks like a bitter better.

Critical Role HipDot Cosmetics Product Images And Description

  • Eyes Of Nien Pigment Palette: Create awe-inspiring looks with The Eyes of Nein Pigment Palette. The palette includes 8 character-embossed, ultra-buttery shades that are guaranteed to make your eyes pop-pop. Shades include:
    • Expositor: Bright White, Matte- for Beau
    • Captain: Light Gray Silver, Shimmer- for Fjord
    • Chainbreaker: Black, Matte- for Yasha
    • Fortune: Pastel Lavender, Shimmer- for Mollymauk
    • Trickster: Soft Rose, Gold Champagne Shimmer- Jester
    • Spark: Red Sangria, Matte- for Caleb
    • Brave: Purple Maroon, Matte- for Nott
    • Nein: Purple Raisin, Glitter

Mighty Nein Highlighter “Catha”: Glow in the light of the brightest moon in Exandria with the Catha Highlighter, featuring incredible embossed detail of the beloved adventuring group, The Mighty Nein.

  • Mighty Nein Lipsticks– Shades Include:
    • Lionett Wine (Berry): Aged to perfection in the heart of Kamordah
    • Long May He Reign (Deep Purple): Honoring the Ice Spinner himself, Mollymauk Tealeaf
    • Moon Drop (Champagne): Inspired by the magic and wonder brought to you by Gustav Fletching and Desmond Moondrop

Critical Role and HipDot Cosmetics Collab Release Date And Box Packaging

This is up currently for pre-order today through September 20th. It is retailing for $86. However, there is free US Shipping on it, and the box it is coming in looks incredible!

If you want to pre-order it, it is available right now at