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Well. At least it’s still coming out this year. Hopefully. Cyberpunk 2077 has once again been delayed. This time, it’s to December 10th. Which in the grand scheme of things is not that far of a delay from it’s November 19th release. Still, it’s disappointing because more delays means less time with the game. CD Projeckt Red was in a bit of a media crunch a couple weeks ago. After assuring people that they weren’t putting their teams under stresses of getting the game out, it turns out they were.

So this delay could be part of that, or it could be some more polish being applied to the massive game. Either way, we’re still getting the game this year. I do sympathize with them, they’re trying to get the game out on multiple platforms at a junction between two console generations. So they’re being stretched thin on time and resources. My best idea would have been, just release the game on current gen, and then do the next-gen version down the line. With the team more than likely working on DLC and expansions for the game, that might have been impossible.

Are They Going To Get Cyberpunk 2077 Out On Time?

It’s quite a wonder how many times they can actually do this. I’m not sure how long it takes once the game is sent out to the manufacturer of the discs and all, but it has to take some time. So that twenty-one day buffer that they’re talking about, might be even shorter than that. They do mention a day zero patch. So I’m guessing all the discs for the game are ready and waiting, you’ll just have to endure an extra patch before you play the game. Either way, this is one of the most anticipated games of the year. So let’s hope this extra time makes the game that much better.

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