DC Comics seems to be rechanneling a lot of energy into its Black Label comics. Harley Quinn and many other heroes are discovering new homes and futures under the Black Label. This week DC releases an incredible one shot called The Last God: Songs of the Lost Children 1. This new title suggests it to be a one-shot title, but I hope DC turns this title into an ongoing series. It opens a world rich in mythology and lore that barely scratches the surface of its potential.

The Last God – Cover2Cover

New title from DC Comics Black Label

The cover to The Last God is a gorgeous piece of work. It depicts our heroine, Queen Cyanthe. While it misleads a bit as to the nature of the story, it does set the dark and somber tone that weaves its way throughout the tale.

The actual artwork of this issue may take a bit of getting used to, but I urge readers to let the story play out before judging it. The artwork looks very grainy and rough as if it were printed on the ditto copy machines schools used to use ages ago. Given a chance, however, the style plays very well into the story. The setting may be a different world, but think of it as medieval Europe. The rough, heavily dotted artwork makes it feel like this story comes from an ancient manuscript, and helps it feel old.

The Last God – A Mythical Horror Story

The Last God introduces us to a world and lore crossed with Roman history and Greek mythology. Our protagonist begins by narrating an ancient tale of Mother Ursulon, a wolf-like creature with a head similar to a prehistoric giant sloth. Ursulon journeys from the frozen tundra with her three children, but begins losing them during the journey. This mythical tale feels like the origins of Rome and the wolf that suckled Rome’s founders, Romulus and Remus. It also sets the feel for what will follow.

Queen Cyanthe travels the countryside with her handmaiden, Nykeo, trying to discover why her lands feel so dire and troubled when harvests are plentiful. Nykeo belongs to a race called Aelvan. They are a race that resembles elves, but if they possess powers we do not know yet. It does help set the fantasy feel of the story.

The story starts simply enough as they lodge with a family in the woods, but from there the story goes dark, weird and crazy. This story ends up feeling like a cross between The Twilight Zone and something created by Guillermo del Toro. After seeing a child that should not exist, Cyanthe and Kykeo embark upon a quest to find the lost children. From there they fight grotesque monstrosities even del Toro couldn’t imagine.

The Last God – Setting Up A Future

In the process tales of gods are woven in and secrets of the realm unravel. I really love this title, but the downer comes straight from the cover, which is confusing. The cover states this is a one-shot, but the mythology and world building (there’s even a detailed map) inside suggests this to be an ongoing series. I hope this release sets up an ongoing title down the road.

If you like medieval times, suspenseful plots (ala – Twilight Zone, Tales From the Crypt) and creatures freaky beyond imagination with a little gore sprinkled in, you really need to check out The Last God – Songs of Lost Children 1.