Do you all remember back in 2019 when Detective Pikachu (aka. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu or Great Detective Pikachu, depending on who you ask) came out? It was the first live-action Pokémon film in existence, and it still is even 3 years after they promised a sequel to it. So where, oh where did this promised sequel go? Well, apparently, Polygon got an answer to that question.

Where in the World is Detective Pikachu 2?

'Detective Pikachu" NA poster from IMDb.
Unfortunately, it seems the starring Pikachu himself is out on an extended coffee break.

In order to get that answer in the first place though, Polygon reached out to both Legendary Entertainment and The Pokémon Company. Both companies were responsible for producing Detective Pikachu, so naturally, they should have at least some knowledge of its sequel.

Unfortunately, Polygon got replies that were a tad disappointing. A representative for Legendary Entertainment replied that Detective Pikachu 2 was still “in active development”. The representative not only didn’t elaborate any further on that, but they also refused to confirm who was working on the sequel. Not even so much as a director, apparently.

The reply from The Pokémon Company was somehow even worse than that though. Their response: radio silence. They not only declined to comment on Detective Pikachu 2, but they also declined to comment on any spinoff project(s) from that film or the game the film was based on.

It seems that any trailer for this promised sequel will be a long time coming.

We can only glean a few concrete details from both companies’ responses (or lack of one). One is that both Legendary Entertainment and The Pokémon Company want to keep any details about Detective Pikachu 2 very tightly under wraps. Why? Unfortunately, no one knows but them. Fortunately, the reply from Legendary does give us some hope. It means that they haven’t entirely forgotten about this sequel to the first and only live-action Pokémon film. Now the only thing left to do is wait to see if any official details will emerge about it in the future. Unfortunately, that might take a long, long while though. Better grab some popcorn, and tune back in to THS later to find those details out when we do.

Source: Polygon