Calling all fellow Pokémon trainers, as your virtual dreams will become reality at Universal Studios Japan! Universal and The Pokémon Company have announced a new collaborative partnership between the two entertainment leaders. This will be a long-term partnership in breaking grounds of entertainment. It will also immerse guests into the world of Pokémon with innovative technology and creativity beginning in 2022. Both companies have multiple projects in the works that fans can look forward to.

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This announcement does not come far behind the Donkey Kong expansion coming to Super Nintendo World in 2024. So do expect a lot monkey business when it does open up.

Here’s what the head of Pokémon had to say:

The incredible team at Universal Studios Japan have the creative vision and leading expertise in world-class theme park technology to imagine a uniquely Pokémon experience. For 25 years, Pokémon has curated a legacy of trendsetting innovation while becoming one of the most beloved entertainment brands in the world through video games, animation, and more. This strategic alliance with Universal Studios Japan reflects our commitment to continue delivering the joy of Pokémon in ever evolving ways for years to come. We are looking forward to the day when we can welcome fans from around the world to all enjoy it together.

Tsunekazu Ishihara (President and CEO, The Pokémon Company)
President and CEO of USJ LLC, J.L. Bonnier, and President and CEO of The Pokémon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara

While it remains a mystery of what type of attractions will be done for next year. Could it be gyms, lands from the franchise to have a presence in the Osaka, Japan theme park? It would be an ideal wish list for fans to see that happen if “it does become true”. Unfortunately for outside tourism are still barred for entering Japan. Hopefully U.S. citizens can visit for Spring or Summer 2022.

At Other Universal Parks?

However this where things get interesting. Now it would make sense to expand the franchise into other Universal Parks. Rumor talks have been going around for a while and a lot has changed since then. KidsZone at Universal Studios Florida, was a possibility for the franchise to replace it back in 2019. Could the plans been relocated towards Epic Universe for the resort? It would make sense since Universal and Comcast are banking a lot of investment into the upcoming park. Plus they could use the popular franchise for a future expansion next to Super Nintendo World. Epic Universe is aiming for a 2025 opening time frame in Orlando. Originally intended for 2023 and was on pause cause of the pandemic.

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Plus with rumors back then, that the franchise to expand into Universal Orlando’s CityWalk. A permit filing was made in 2019 for the closure of former four stores. Now fast forward towards today and it’s a bigger retail expansion of Universal Orlando’s main flagship store at CityWalk. However Super Nintendo World merchandise did recently showed up at Universal Studios Hollywood’s CityWalk location. Even though it’s no Pokémon but, this is the first time it has come since the grand opening. Super Nintendo World opened up earlier this year back in February, and was on hold due towards Japan’s lockdowns.


We don’t know much of what Universal and Pokémon , what is you’re wish list of what you want to see? Leave it down in the comments section below!

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