During yesterday’s massive livestream, Hasbro showed us some new Power Rangers figures! We kinda knew what was coming, but let’s break it down. Of course, with my certain flair for figures!

Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger

Kendrix looks absolutely amazing! The smooth pinless figure, Quasar Sabers in both forms! Even her Beta Bow, made from her Transdaggers hopefully will keep the painted detail we see in these promo photos. After so many missed attempts, they got the glasses right and they are removable! Sorry, Billy. Just make sure you keep them secure depending on how you’ll pose her. The only gripe I got on this one? Kendrix was known for ong bangs. They had to sculpt the glasses through the hair. It’s a learning curve, I get it, so if your PRLG set is higher on your shelves, you could get away with no glasses.

Dino Fury Blue Ranger

Those of us at PMC2022 knew this was coming… eventually. Ollie looks sharp! Sporting a good-looking civilian head! A slick-looking Chroma-Fury saber. I think that Hasbro is doing really well with the Dino Fury cast as a whole! The consistent quip for the team as a whole is the fact you can paint the saber head, but you can’t copy that paint scheme to the Morpher? Just wondering.

Dino Thunder Black Ranger

Dr. O is here ladies and gents! After the teaser we had a few months ago, we see the pics! The diamond pattern looks good, and proper color eyes on the helmet too! So, what is everyone’s plan to bend the Brachio staff back to straight? And in perfect PRDT fashion, no paint on the “hand armor.” Now, this is the 83rd Tommy they have done, so why does this head sculpt look more like Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC than JDF? Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting this, but you know me – I can’t not comment on this stuff.

Feeling Villainous!

Tenga Warriors 2-Pack

So … I’ll say it … did we need this?! I know in my area, most of my stores had pegs full of single-packed Tengas for months. Now are these figs based on some other design from the comics? Nope, they are just there for army builders. I do believe that this is the first time we’ve seen that generic lightning effect in opaque white, so kudos to that. I also appreciate the heft these figures have, but they’re not for me. If you haven’t purchased the single version yet, please be aware these guys EAT up shelf space!

This could have easily been a Hasbro exclusive I think…


THIS RIGHT HERE IS MY HIGHLIGHT OF WAVE 15! Look at this Mesogog in all his glory! The mouth moves, the claws are in proportion, and one of the blast effects even works on his head for a psychic blast! I can’t tell if the bottom half of the figure’s coat is pliable plastic or if we are getting cloth. I would bet on plastic so there is consistency for the figure. WELL DONE TEAM HASBRO!


I have mixed feelings about this new line. I’m glad to see we are getting full paint appliques and we are getting a ton of accessories with each figure! Lastly, the price is unbelievable just a few dollars more than the standard figure!

Now here’s where I find the issue… Billy looking as handsome as ever – with ANOTHER but 10x better head sculpt – now comes with removable glasses. Comes with two versions of his Power Lance. Trini on the other hand gets one set of Power Daggers. So there is some extra plastic in Billy’s box than Trini’s. Is the swirl effect necessary too? Some collectors have limited shelf space and might not have room for them. What is the point of the Morpher when it’s already on the character’s belt? I see where they were going and I don’t knock the detail, but I think there could have been more consideration.

That said, I’m not sure how Hasbro is going to approach this REMASTERED line. Are they going to just do the OG 7 rangers, OR are they going to make extra figures for Adam, Kat, Rocky, and Aisha? I think they should have taken a page out of the SUPER 7’s playbook and considered doing both heads in one package for the Rangers who’ve had multiple actors. I would happily pay an extra few bucks now for the second head rather than another $30+ for another figure down the line. Maybe save on the previously mentioned extra accessories and used the plastic towards the second head.

Thoughts From THE GRID

I know I sound very jaded at this point, but after several years of hit-and-miss figures, I’ll always air on the side of caution. Secondly, distribution problems show that some of these figures are already in stores in other parts of the world. So why are we waiting on our Morphers here at home?

When is the line finally converting to pinless figures? This wave is a mixed bag. Makes you wonder how long there were holding off on releasing DT Black and DF Blue.

With the change over to the new eco-friendly packaging, is Hasbro ready for the incoming onslaught of mistake figures? It’s not like we can open the figure on the sales floor and inspect it. You cant return it to your local retailer if they only got one case in. My one time with customer service wasn’t that spectacular. So here I am with a Shadow Ranger with a messed up helmet 4 years later STILL.

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