What a great day to be a part of the Ranger Nation! Netflix and Entertainment Weekly have both released a new trailer and images of the long-anticipated return of our teenagers (now grown-ups) with attitude. Check out the preview of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once and Always below:

Welcome Back Rangers!

Courtesy of Hasbro/Eone and Netflix

To see some of our favorite rangers return to the screen is amazing! What will the story be that will bring them all back together? Also, we finally get better shots confirming that Adam and Aisha are part of SPA, the speculated predecessor to SPD. In the trailer, we do see both the Yellow and Green rangers. We already know Charlie Kersh will be playing Trini’s daughter, after the sudden loss of Thuy Trang in 2001. As for the Green Ranger, there hasn’t been any confirmation that JDF had filmed anything prior to his death just recently.


Entertainment Weekly also shared some exclusives on set of MMPR: Once and Always. We see suits, morphers, and even the long-awaited return of the RAD-BUG. Looks like BIlly has been busy upgrading it over the past 30 years.

You need to appreciate that the rangers still subtly wearing their ranger colors in their civilian wear! If you notice the picture with all 4 rangers on the panel behind them there seem to be figures much like we’ve seen in the past from Super Megaforce. Are they trapped rangers? Is the villain some sort of evil fanboy picking rangers out of time? The cogs make me think it could be The Machine Empire, but the large symbol under the console give me a mystical vibe. Could it be a returned Rita? Just all theories on my part. But we will just have to tune into Netflix for the worldwide premiere event on April 19.


Entertainment Weekly also gave us the first look at the new suits at the same time the Official Power Rangers Twitter dropped this vid!

We’ve already seen reveals of the Gold, Blue, and Green Rangers. Now we can round it out with the Black and NEW RED RANGER! Yes, Hunter Deno is now the first-ever full-time female Red Ranger! Zayto also gets a new suit from his white Dino Fury suit we saw at the end of last season. He’ll be known as the Zenith Cosmic Fury Ranger.

Also, they talked about their new morphers in the video with ORBS. Could this be a way to incorporate something like the Kyuranger Kyutama into the series? Since we all know that the Zord footage for the new show is based on Uchu Sent Kyuranger.

We already know that the Cosmic Fury rangers have their personal weapons based on their Dino powers. So it’s great to see Amelia gets a Hammer in homage to her Ankylo powers and Javi gets an axe for his Stego powers. But once again Zayto in his new form doesn’t have a weapon… makes you wonder?

All in all, Hasbro is pulling out all the stops today and we as a Ranger Nation are grateful! I can’t wait to review and share this momentous occasion with you all! Remember, Mighty Morpin Power Rangers: Once and Always premieres on Netflix April 19.

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