Where’s Next? Saudi Arabia

Bill Goldberg posted a promotion for his upcoming match at a WWE Saudi Arabia event.

Goldberg is a former WCW Heavyweight champion, former WWE Universal champion, WWE Hall of Famer and the holder of the longest male undefeated streak of the modern era.  

He posted an image on his Instagram hyping up his bout in Saudi Arabia. The image depicts Goldberg in all his WCW glory, with the caption of his catchphrase “Who’s Next? What’s Next? Stay Tuned.”


Gold Who?

Goldberg’s debut in WCW came in in 1997.  He quickly made a name for himself as an absolutely dominate competitor.  Throughout 1997-1998 he had racked up a win-loss record of 173-0. However, all streaks must end and he eventually fell to Kevin Nash after Scott Hall hit him with a taser.

The push Goldberg had received has only just recently had anything close to it with Braun Strowman’s push.  However, Goldberg was famous for having 60 second matches against top level guys. He was truly an extraordinary sight to be seen in WCW.  The word intimidating doesn’t do justice to his character.

Once Goldberg came to WWE his performances were lackluster and his time in WWE was short.  

Goldberg and the Saudi Arabia Event

The yet unnamed WWE Saudi Arabia event will take place in June.  Some of the other names involved in the event include Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Kofi Kingston, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.

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Source: ProWrestling.com