Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One certainly wasn’t walking into a strong box office, but still managed to walk away with the top spot.

Mission Impossible Breaks Its Own Box Office Records

As per Box Office Mojo, the movie made $56.2 Million at the weekend box office. This also brings its total to $80 Million as it opened on Wednesday. With a worldwide total of $235 Million; its 5-day opening set a domestic record for the franchise. The previous record holder for this was the (much-maligned) Mission: Impossible II.

Tom Cruise on a motorcycle for Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning
Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part One from Paramount Pictures and Skydance.

The movie is not out of the clear, though, just yet. It’s still $67 Million short of its budget. However, good word-of-mouth has bolstered its box office success so far. While it is facing Barbenheimer next week; there’s still a chance it could succeed.

In our review of the movie, reviewer Hunter Bolding said:

However, the fact that they named this one Dead Reckoning Part One rears its ugly head while you’re watching. It takes away from the proceedings that this is still just part one of a story. Anything that happens feels like it’s just set up for the second part. It doesn’t take too much away from the film, but it’s something that you have in the back of your mind while watching the entire thing.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One sets the bar for the franchise that was already ludicrously high. It tells a prescient story about the dangers of technology falling into the wrong hands. It also gives us some moral choices for Ethan Hunt that go far beyond his current mission. Between all of that, we get an action spectacle that lives up to any expectations.

Rounding Out The Top 5 At The Box Office

Speaking of word of mouth, the anti-child trafficking thriller Sound of Freedom maintained a second place this weekend with a rare 37% increase over last weekend. In a box office where we’re seeing major motion pictures drop off 50% week over week; it’s rare to see a movie actually increase its box office.

Editor’s Note: (There are some complications with how that movie is getting its box office gross by “paying it forward” with people buying up large swaths of tickets to “hand back out.”)

Insidious: The Red Door maintained its presence at the 3rd place spot with $13 Million. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny brought in a modest $12 Million. Finally, Elemental was in the 5th place spot with 8.7 Million.

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