Game of Thrones returns next month, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters in June. Sophie Turner lives at the heart of both. As Sansa Stark, Lady of Winterfell, Turner showed her toughness in sending Little Finger to meet his maker. Based on the Dark Phoenix trailer, we’ve only begun to see the extent of Jean Grey’s darkness thus far. The talented actress recently proved she’s a force to be reckoned with in real life, too.

Sophie Turner
Will the Lady of Winterfell take the Iron Throne? (Image: HBO)

Jumbotron operators at NHL hockey games will always manage to find celebrities in the crowd. Sophie Turner is no exception. While attending a New York Rangers game recently, she found herself emblazoned across the scoreboard at Madison Square Garden. Did she shy away from the spotlight? Oh, hell no. Turner let us know she can “fan” with the best of them. Check it out below:

Sophie Turner: she drinks wine and she knows things.

Sophie Turner Channels Her Inner Tyrion Lannister

Yes, that’s Sophie Turner herself dabbing and chugging wine at the Rangers game. Sansa Stark started off as a meek, and frankly unlikeable character when Game of Thrones premiered eight years ago. Courtesy of some excellent writing and Turner’s superb acting, however, Sansa has grown into a fan-favorite character. She’s one among many expected to vie for the Iron Throne in GoT’s final season.

Sophie Turner
Image: 20th Century Fox (or is it Disney, now?)

Dark Phoenix, on the other hand, is a different matter.  Fans are skeptical when it comes to the fourth act of the current X-Men story arc. That’s especially true after the lackluster response to Apocalypse. (Apocalypse, according to, ranks 9th among ALL X-Men movies.)  How Sophie Turner’s “last stand” as Jean Grey will fare remains to be seen.

Regardless, it’s always fun to see celebrities like Sophie Turner being down to earth and acting like real people. Granted, she was drinking red wine at a hockey game instead of a beer, but she chugged, so she gets a pass.

Game of Thrones returns April 21; Dark Phoenix premiers June 7.