HBO has released eight Game of Thrones stills from the trailer for this Sunday’s fourth episode of season 8. This gives us some information on what some of the episode will cover (and some cool wallpapers!). While nearly the same length as last week’s episode, do not expect the same level of action as last week….or ANY action for that matter.

Look for a forth coming article on what I think we will get over the last three episodes, but here are what the photos tell us:

Obviously a HUGE part of this next episode will be the funeral and burning of all those who died at Winterfell. Here we see Jon Aegon (Never going to be able to call him Aegon) preparing to light the pyre. The pain and sorrow is evident in his face.

Game of Thrones: A New Power Couple?

Cersei and Euron. I never thought my hatred for Jeofrey would be rivaled. These two push it damn close. Both are evil but Jeofrey was an idiot. These two are cunning as hell and three times as scary. With the army at their backs, the fight ahead will be bloody. The big question will be who gets to move Cersei’s smirk 6″ lower?

Here is a beautiful shot of Dani and Drogon staring up into the sky and smiling warmly. That can only mean one thing – Jon Aegon flying in on Rhaegal. Rhaegal’s fate was very much in question. He seemed to dump Jon Aegon and collapse to the ground, but in the trailer for this Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, a green wing can be seen flying through frame. He should be good to go.

Game of Thrones

When I first saw this image in the trailer I thought it was Euron’s fleet, but then I noticed the sails. That is Dani’s mark. That begs the question: where did Dani get this type of fleet? Surely, Yarra didn’t have that many ships or how else did Euron take the Iron Islands? However, if you combine Yarra’s fleet with the fleet the Dothraki used to cross the sea, that could add up. Add ships from the Iron Islands if Yarra has retaken them, and the seas may belong to Dani after all.

We see the last of Northern army as well as the last of the unsullied. With half the cast looking left, one would think Jon Aegon is giving his eulogy. Thsi shot also has a good shot of what is essentially Queen Daenerys and her council. The fact they are standing separate from the other leaderships could foretell the strains in thisGame of thrones leadership structure, especially with this next picture…

Again at the funeral pyre, but this time we see the Starks and their council. Not also the background is nothing but Northmen. If house Stark and house Targaryen cannot co-exist, the war to come is already over.

The funeral pyre once more. This is a good shot showing not only how small our heroes’ army is, but where the leaders are standing in relation to one another. The rosy side of this picture is that when it comes time to light the pyre, we have leaders from all sides stepping forwards. It looks as if Tormund, Jon Aegon, Sansa, Arya (?), Greyworm, Dani and Sam are all stepping forward.

Finally we have Dani and two of her advisors, Varys and Missendei. They appear to be standing at a war table where they are most likely discussing the offensive against Cersei. Once again it is interesting that they stand apart from any other faction. Note this is the same scroll room Arya was sneaking through last episode.

This episode of Game of Thrones may be another exposition episode like the first two were, but there is a lot that needs to be wrapped up and then planned for going forward. This one should have better lighting as well.