To celebrate Mando Mondays: Funko Pop has just announced that they’ll be releasing 3 new figurines. All of them feature Baby Yoda. Oh, and the Mandalorian is in there with the little guy too.

Cheap chibi Mandalorian.
Fly, you fool!

This particular figurine of the Mandalorian clutching Baby Yoda as he blasts off with his jetpack is the cheapest of the trio. Measuring 3 and 3/4 inches tall, it’s the perfect desk ornament. At $10.99 on Amazon, this is a bargain bin price compared with Funko Pop’s usual prices.

The only catch is that this chibi Mandalorian with chibi Baby Yoda isn’t actually out yet. Anywhere. Its release date is November 15, so you have to wait a while before you can get it.

The other figurines get more expensive from here on out.

Chibi Mandalorian Wants Your Wallet

Not co cheap chibi Mandalorian.
Over the hills and far away, we must go.

This Funko Pop figurine of the Mandalorian and his kid taking a stroll is the 2nd most expensive of the bunch. Amazon is currently selling it for $24.25. It measures 4.5 inches tall and a hefty 8 inches wide, which explains the cost. This seems more like a fireplace decoration than a desk ornament, but well, that’s just the way the stroller floats along.

Even better, this Funko Pop figurine is actually out. Right now. As in: you can buy it on Amazon and have it shipped to your house immediately.

Chibi Mandalorian Really Wants Your Wallet

Definitely not cheap chibi Mandalorian.
Shiny and chrome…and big.

Lastly, we have this Funko Pop not-so-chibi Mandalorian protectively clutching a still-chibi Baby Yoda. The reason why he’s not-so-chibi is that this figurine stands at a whopping 10 inches tall. Yeah, this isn’t a fireplace decoration anymore. This is something you put in the window to make people feel like they’re being watched, and the price reflects that to a M. This supersized shiny and chrome Mandalorian costs a whopping $29.96 on Amazon. To be fair, you are paying for something that could be mistaken for a small child at a glance.

The only catch is that, like jetpack Mando, it’s not actually out yet. You’ll have to wait for September 30 before you can actually get it. Fortunately, as of this writing, it’s only 9 days away, so you have a much shorter wait. Assuming that you want this thing, of course.


Funko Pop has come up with some adorably chibi and not-so-chibi Mandalorian figurines for Mando Mondays. But we all know that Baby Yoda is actually the star here, and he still remains chibi in all the figurines. It’ll be tough on your wallet if you get all 3 though. My personal recommendation? Get the cheapest one. At least you’ll have a nice desk ornament to stare at while you watch The Mandalorian season 2 in October.

Source: Amazon