Do any of you remember Ridley Scott directing a really epic Gladiator film back in 2000? And getting a whole bunch of positive reception from critics and audiences alike? Well, as it turns out: it looks like we’re finally going to get a sequel to it after all these years. How else do you explain Scott now searching for actors to star in the lead roles for it?

Gladiator 2: The Search for a Star

"Gladiator" poster from IMDb.
Man, from Roman gladiator to Royal Navy captain to French police officer, Russell Crowe has been travelling the world.

Collider has just reported that famed director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, The Martian) is now searching for actors to star in the now-upcoming and in development sequel to Gladiator. I would say it’s about time since Scott announced that scriptwriting had begun for this sequel last year in 2021. However, that’s a separate issue.

Unfortunately, what Collider isn’t revealing is who Ridley Scott wants for Gladiator 2. We know that Russell Crowe starred in the original first film as Maximus Decimus Meridius. However, there’s no sign whatsoever that he’ll be returning to play Maximus again. At least, not as of this writing. That may change in the future. But for now, all we can do is guess as to who will star in this sequel.

Wow, you can really tell this is a film from 2000.

And even more unfortunately, it will be quite a while before we even see Gladiator 2 itself. I mean, that’s pretty obvious since Ridley Scott is only just now looking for a lead actor. However, there’s also the fact that Scott isn’t directing the film at the moment. He says he will be, but only after he finishes directing his upcoming Napoleon biopic. Considering that biopic has a debut date sometime in 2023, it means that at the very least, we won’t be seeing this Gladiator sequel until 2024 at the earliest. Even then, 2025 seems like a more likely release window given how epic this sequel is likely going to be.

Source: Collider

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