You know how there are rumors of a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story swirling around the internet? Some very loud and persistent rumors, I might add? Well, if you were hoping that those rumors might be true, you can forget about it. You know, just like Lucasfilm seems to have forgotten about it.

Solo 2: Not a Lucasfilm Priority Star Wars Story

"Solo: A Star Wars Story" poster from IMDb.
You can put that blaster away, new Han Solo. It’s going to be a long wait before you get to use that thing.

In a recent interview with NME, Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard revealed some interesting news about the rumored sequel. Or rather, interesting in a bad way news for fans of this 2018 Star Wars prequel film. To clarify: there is indeed a large quantity of discussion revolving around this sequel. The problem though, according to Howard himself, is that all of this discussion is coming from the fans, and the fans only.

Absolutely none of that discussion is coming from Lucasfilm. You know, the ones who are actually making Star Wars media? There’s nothing but silence from them regarding the issue of any talk of a Solo: A Star Wars Story sequel. In fact, Ron Howard himself has heard zero “concrete plans” to either extend the story of this film, or even do anything with any of the characters in that film. You can read Howard’s exact words on the subject below:

The only discussion that I’m aware of about a sequel for Solo is coming from the fans at this point. I don’t think it’s a Lucasfilm priority, as I understand it. But there’s some great characters launched, and the folks from Lucasfilm love the fans and really do listen so I would never say never – but I’m not aware of any concrete plans right now to extend the story or deal with that particular set of characters.

In short: there won’t be any Solo 2 anytime soon. Certainly not in 2023, and likely not in 2024 either. Not with absolutely no hint of any discussion about it at Lucasfilm. Unfortunately, the Star Wars fandom does not have any say in development of any Star Wars media. So you might as well sit back and rewatch Solo: A Star Wars Story on Disney+ (or Blu-ray if you have it). It’s going to be a long wait for a sequel anyways.

Source: NME