Willow (1988) is apparently getting a sequel in the form of a Disney+ series. And according to Ron Howard, it’s in active development. Disney still hasn’t given it the greenlight, but it’s still something.

"Willow" movie poster, with credits too.
The George Lucas film you’ve likely never heard of.

Wait, What’s This?

If you’ve never heard of Willow before, you’re likely not alone. If hearing that George Lucas wrote the story for this film surprises you, you’re not alone either. Willow is a dark fantasy film whose only claim to fame is that its story is written by George Lucas and it stars Warwick Davis (the actor behind Wicket the Ewok). So it’s surprising that Disney would decide to make a sequel to it, but here we are. Funnily enough, Ron Howard, the director of Solo: A Star Wars Story, also directed this film. So it’s not a surprise that Howard would also be the one to tell us that the Disney+ sequel series to Willow is currently in active development.

Ron Howard next to the cast from "Willow".
The director himself gives us the news!

However, Ron Howard has added the caveat that Disney still hasn’t greenlit the Willow sequel series yet for some reason. Nevertheless, Howard has stated that he remains optimistic that they’ll do so. Speaking of the development going on, he’s said in an interview with Andy Cohen that: “I was in a two-hour story meeting last night. The writer Jon Kasdan is leading the charge. They have a great group of writers and it’s in very active development. The scripts are going great.”

A bit boring that we don’t get to see their faces, but okay.

All this seems to suggest that the green-light for the Willow sequel series is going to happen pretty soon. I highly doubt Disney would throw that much time, effort, and money at the development of a series if they weren’t going to go forward on it. I’m pretty confident that you’re going to soon see a follow-up article formally announcing the green-lighting of Willow 2, or whatever it’s going to be called.


Ron Howard seems to be deep in development of a Disney+ series sequel to the cult classic Willow, which might explain why he has said there’s no sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Movie. It also seems pretty likely that Disney will soon green-light the series for production, meaning that we’ll soon finally find out what happened to the blasted baby.

Basically, Star Wars has a baby with Lord of the Rings.

Stay tuned for more Willow news soon.

Source: JoBlo.com