Matt made his choice to stay on the moon. so the rest of the team – along with Zedd and some of the moon minions – can escape and crash on Earth in Serpentera. What could Mistress Vile (Rita) and her new servant, Vessel, be up to with the Zeo Crystal? Find out in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #103!

A flashback again?

NOPE! With a battered and beaten Lord Zedd in the Command Center’s Sick Bay. Zordon uses the power of the grid to speak with his former ally, trying to understand what happened on the moon and who is this new Mistress Vile along with her new minion.

Zedd goes on to explain the assailant fights like an Eltarian, but with no honor or mercy.

ALL the Feelings

Everyone is upset, obviously. Matt’s gone and Zedd and his minions are just hanging out in the Command Center. Want to talk about PISSED off? Kimberly is furious at the situation. Aisha has to separate herself and deal with her feelings. Luckily, Adam is there as her sounding board.

Trouble in Town

Bulk and Skull are attempting to do a workout when they spot… Jason. YES, Jason is back! Well, sort of. Bulk and Skull ask for a karate lesson. To which Jason replies it didn’t work out very well last time. Suddenly a monster attacks. Jason helps clear the civilians while the Rangers go to task.

Unfortunately this new monster is tougher than usual. So in her fit of rage Kimberly calls the Firebird Zord down to just blast the monster before it grows to Megazord size.

Back at the Command Center a HEATED agreements ensues. Grace is mad at Zordon and Tommy at Kimberly. Grace is wondering where her Ranger is and blames Zordon. Kimberly calls out the trope that we do it the same way every time! Zordon is beside himself with guilt. Grace can’t find Matt via his tracker. But a signal sent out earlier by Billy to Trini and the Omegas comes back with coordinates and a beaten Red OmegaZord.

The Team teleports to the Zords’ location on a distant planet to find ONE big surprise…..

Mighty Morphin #103: Thoughts from THE GRID

Ranger Nation, we are just three issues into this RECHARGED era and Missy Flores is killing it! We go from Mistress Vile, to self-sacrifice, and then make a cosmic U-WEE back to a character we haven’t seen in almost three years!!

The emotional trauma and depth is right there in the panels, and you feel it, real and palpable! Yes, they are two very separate things here. Kim is experiencing the trauma, lashing out and not being able to process. Whereas Aisha is finding herself lost in her feelings. Zordon feels guilty about the entire situation. Grace is furious to lose another Ranger, drawing from her past. All of their emotions are splattered across the pages, giving a wonderful color to them outside the spandex.

Speaking of dealing with their emotions, Jason is back… Yeah, I’m not sure if I needed him right here. That whole sequence could have not had Jason in it and it would have still had the same impact. If/how this will play out remains to be seen. But after Ryan’s send off three issues ago, to have him come back so soon feels like a bit of a cheat. This would have been a good case of absence makes the heart grow fonder.

So many questions are just put right in front of you and Missy Flores isn’t writing with kid gloves!

Mighty Morphin #103: Covered from head to toe

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