While we have no idea what is happening yet, something is now crystal clear. Whoever is behind this scheme has made things very personal. Batman has incarcerated hundreds of people, both big and small, but whoever is attacking is going after Batman’s personal life.

The first attack focused on Bruce’s parents, or a couple that was altered to perfectly match the Waynes at the time of their deaths. Then came Batman’s close, personal friend, Dr Leslie Thompkins. Whatever the creature was, it sprayed her with a Joker gas derivative that Batman has no antidote. Dr Leslie Thompkins dies.

This is very well done both visually and verbally. She could have just died, but there is a great exchange between Bruce and Leslie as she slips away. They each talk about how each inspired the other to be more than they were.

Enter the Man in Black

Even Alfred sheds a tear in private, but then Zorro shows up. Not who you would expect to be at the door in the middle of the night, but it is Gotham after all. Alfred is immediately run through, but whether by design or lack of skill the strike is low and to the left. A serious wound to be sure, but not near anything vital.

Of course Bruce pulls out his handy dandy Bat-foam to seal the wound and things are stabilized. Alfred asks Bruce to call on Damien?! Not my first thought for surgeons, but again this is Gotham.

Batman heads to Arkham asylum for some serious ass kicking. There is nothing more scary than a focused and determined Batman. The final page of the issue is a perfect example of the monster Batman swears he is about to become. The inmates better start squealing or there are gonna be issues.

Pretty sure there won’t be any answers in Arkham unless the mastermind behind all of this wants there to be answers left there. This seemed like a shorter issue as the happenings passed by quickly, but it was a potent one. It helps build towards issue #1000!