Red vs Blue was the beginning of the age of machinima, using the different iterations of Halo to create stories using the game engine. Now the people at Rooster Teeth Productions are delivering a 16th serving of this classic, literally.

Season 16 starts with members of the Red Army conversing on what to have for lunch. Grif, the leader of this platoon of the Red Army, has other plans to create an adventure for everyone while on their way to the restaurant. But his plans are countered when Donut, who had been injured the season before, comes out of a portal from the past, presents the others with time travel guns and informs them they are to be time travel warriors to defend the future. At this moment is when our heroes are attacked by a four-armed goddess named Kalirama. Grif and the rest use their time guns to travel to different places in time, escaping Kalirama, the first of many other Gods to be featured. Grif and the crew bounce around time creating chaos in time, wronging rights and well nothing good in this 15 episode chapter.

Now, I have only played Halo once or twice in my life, but I am familiar with Red vs Blue. It was interesting to come into this with a virgin understanding of the Halo community. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Red vs Blue Season 16 as much as I did. Not knowing anything of the video game or any of the other seasons at first made me feel like I was going to miss hidden jokes or just be completely in the dark about it completely. But the creative team of Joe Nicolosi (director) and Jason Weight (writer) crafted a story that is actually quite fun. It reminded me of the many times growing up where me and my friends end up on an adventure because of a pit stop on the way to Mel’s Diner in Hollywood. Overall, I did enjoy this season and it has made me want to go back in the catalog and see what else I have missed. If you like zany jokes and characters using classic tropes to make fun of other characters, then Red vs Blue Season 16 is definitely something to check out.

Red vs Blue Season 16: The Shisno Paradox is available on Bluray/DVD combo January 1st, 2019 and streaming on