Get ready for warp pipes and kart races. Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood will officially open February 17, 2023!

The Japanese version of the park launched back in 2021. But this will be the first opening of Super Nintendo World in the United States. 

For those familiar with the Universal Studios Hollywood park, you will find Super Nintendo World in the newly-expanded lower section of the park, near the Transformers ride. When you pass through the warp pipe, you’ll venture through Peach’s castle before exploring the Mushroom Kingdom. Guests can also purchase a wearable Power-Up Band – a wristband that will help guests interact more with everything in the area. (Think similar to wands over in Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade.)

Check out the full list of attractions and features available at Super Nintendo World Hollywood when the park opens in February.

Super Nintendo World Attractions

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge

As part of Team Mario, guests will steer through courses underwater and in the clouds to compete for the Golden Cup while collecting coins to defeat Team Bowser and win. Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge combines physical set pieces and track movements with augmented reality and projection mapping technology to immerse guests in their race. Plus, the ride comes programmed with different outcomes depending on how each team plays. So, you should be able to ride this one over and over and still feel like the experience is new.

Mount Beanpole

The iconic landmark appears in the center of the Super Nintendo World. It’s also where you’ll queue for the Mario Kart ride.

Bowser’s Castle

With its giant Bowser statue, you can’t miss this one. Navigate the winding corridors and pass through the hall of medallions and trophies to learn more about Bowser’s calculated plans to defeat Team Mario.

Power-Up Bands

As mentioned earlier, guests can choose to purchase special Power-Up wristbands. These wristbands sync with a free app to enhance your experience in the park. With a Power-Up wristband, you can keep track of your individual and team scores, collect digital coins, and win keys from completing challenges. They will come in six different designs, and be available for purchase within the park and on Universal CityWalk.

Toadstool Cafe

Visit Chef Toad for an array of dining options, including Toadstool Cheesy Garlic Knots, Super Mushroom Soup, Piranha Plant Caprese, Mario Bacon Cheeseburger, Luigi Pesto Chicken Burger, Block Tiramisu, and Princess Peach Cupcakes.

1-UP Factory

Here’s where you’ll grab your Nintendo merch, including Mario and Luigi themed apparel and various character plushies.

Additional Interactive Gameplay

Finally, Super Nintendo World guests will find a number of different ways to immerse themselves in the park experience. Punch blocks to collect coins; view the surroundings through AR binoculars;  beat four challenges to collect keys from Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Piranha Plant, and Thwomp; and take on Bowser Jr. in a boss battle.

Planning your visit

You can get tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood online. Super Nintendo World officially opens February 17, 2023.

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