Well, it looks like we’re finally going to get new official info on Nintendo‘s upcoming Super Mario film. After so long with nothing but a mostly blank logo of a poster, now we finally have an actual teaser poster to look at. Check it out below:

An Actual Poster to Admire?!

"Super Mario" film teaser poster.
I’m already getting Super Mario Odyssey flashbacks from this.

Nintendo and Illumination (via NBCUniversal) are proud to unveil a brand new teaser poster for their upcoming Super Mario film. As you can see above, said teaser poster showcases the gorgeous animation for the film. Honestly, it looks like a scene right out of the Super Mario Odyssey game, but with PS5 graphics. The poster stars Mario’s backside as he stares up at Princess Peach’s castle high on top of a rounded mountain. Floating around the castle are various floating islands littered with gold coins, just like you would find in a Mario game. As for how Mario is supposed to get up to the castle? Well, there are numerous colorful pipes in the side of the mountain along with platforms, and he’s Mario. Better get jumping, man.

Mario isn’t the only character this Super Mario poster is showcasing though. At his side apparently playing Mushroom Kingdom tour guide is a red-colored Toad who seems fairly important to the story, judging by their backpack and assorted camping gear. Whether they’re a fellow main character or a slightly noteworthy side character remains to be seen though. Said red Toad though is leading Mario through what looks like a bazaar, where Toads of all colors are selling “antiques”. which seem to be items from older Mario games.

Among the Toads though is a new race unique to this Super Mario film. Said race looks like a bipedal ladybird beetle, but with only a pair of eyes sticking out from the “head” of the shell. They also come in just as many colors as ladybirds though, with a yellow and blue one visible alongside the classic red.

Lastly, at the bottom of the Super Mario poster, it confirms the film’s theatrical release date. Apparently, we’ll get to see how Mario does in this film on April 7, 2023. With 6 months to go before release, we’ll have plenty of time to Nintendo and Illumination to hype us up on this.

Super Mario Film: A New Teaser Trailer?

The closest thing you’re getting to a teaser trailer until we get an official one.

That poster isn’t the only Super Mario film news Nintendo and Illumination have for us today. Apparently, we’ll also get an actual teaser trailer for the film soon. Specifically: on Thursday, October 6, 2022. It will be available live on Nintendo Direct, so you won’t have to wait long or search hard to find it when it goes live. Check back in to THS on that date to watch that trailer when we do.

Source: NBCUniversal