Professor Hulk is here to help deliver some scoops and information on the film and TV industry, and this week, we’re going to be talking about updates to Metal Gear Solid.

A Quick Update About Spider-Man And Last Week

Before we get to this week’s exclusive, let’s clarify last week’s. There was a lot of confusion on our Spider-Man exclusive. Due in part to our own wording, it made it seem like the Sony Spider-Man films (i.e. Morbius, Venom, etc) would remain separate from the MCU Spider-Man films.

However, it was instead supposed to mean that Tom Holland would spearhead his own Spider-Man franchise, and Miles would head up his own. Both would be produced by Marvel Studios but distributed by Sony. It’s the same setup they have now with the Tom Holland trilogy.

Back To Metal Gear

Courtesy of: Konami

We can report that casting is continuing for Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s Metal Gear Solid film. We’ve already had Oscar Isaac cast as Solid Snake himself, and now, the rest of the cast is being rounded out.

The casting call is for a villain between 40 and 50 years old. With the studio looking for a “Bradley Cooper type”.

There are a handful of villains in the Metal Gear universe that could be drawn upon. However Oscar Isaac is 42 and in the games, Solid and Liquid Snake are roughly around the same age. This casting is hinting towards Liquid Snake.

Other possibilities include Revolver Ocelot or Grey Fox, both of which have been featured in concept art. However, the most logical choice option is Liquid Snake. His presence has been hinted at in a few pieces of concept art as well.

This could also give hints as to the plot. If Liquid Snake is appearing, alongside Gray Fox, Foxhound, Big Boss, and others; could we see an adaptation of the initial Metal Gear Solid for PS1’s story? Metal Gear Solid is an expansive universe with a lot of options for stories, so it’ll be interesting to see where casting and characters hint to storyline possibilities.

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