Just when you think you can’t get a quirky episode squeezed in, you can. In all the adorableness you still find the heart in the story, just like you would expect from Star Trek Prodigy.

Low Spirits And Distress

The crew is still reeling over the fact that with their supership trojan horse they can’t use it to contact Starfleet. Nevertheless, they still make it their mission to be as Starfleet as they can. So answering distress calls should be easy. The crew follows the signal but Rok stays behind as Murph, isn’t feeling well.

Starflight Has Landed

Upon beaming down the Daal and the gang meet some local life forms. They appear to be mimicking Starfleet. using skewed names of Captains Kirk and Sulu. They recognize the communicators and bring them back to “THE SHIP” fumbling over several words that are common knowledge to any Federation cadet. Oddly for pre-warp civilization then have 23rd-century communicators?

Holo-Janeway even confirms there hasn’t been a federation ship in this area for over 100 years.

STAR TREK: PRODIGY: “All The World\’s A Stage” EP#113 — James’T as Dee Bradley Baker and Sool’U as Eric Bauza in STAR TREK: PRODIGY streaming on Paramount+ Photo: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2022 VIACOM INTERNATIONAL. All Rights Reserved.

The Ship itself is a contained village. Everyone seems to be role-playing as the crew of a Federation vessel. The crew has prepared “the logs” for Daal, Jankom and the rest of the Protostar crew. It’s a play about how Starflight came to be on the planet.

STAR TREK: PRODIGY: “All The World\’s A Stage” EP#113 — Angus Imrie as Zero, Brett Gray as Dal, Ella Purnell as Gwyn, Jason Mantzoukas as Jankom Pog and Kate Mulgrew as Janeway in STAR TREK: PRODIGY streaming on Paramount+ Photo: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2022 VIACOM INTERNATIONAL. All Rights Reserved.

It seems their “savior” Ensoon came from the Enterprize to save them, but a great evil followed The Gallows. The Gallows is a fierce creature that has been poisoning the land and people. When the kids go to investigate Daal gets infected. Luckily Rok beams down with EVO suits and the team can investigate properly and not get sick.

Daal is getting worse by the minute and Zero is trying to formulate an antidote. At the same time, Daal is having a test of faith in Starfleet, much like imposter syndrome. Adding that to his sickness he’s going thru a lot!

Into The Gallow

Rok, Gwyn, and Jankom head into the Gallows. snarling and hissing shaking the earth with 2 huge red eyes! They were nacelles, seems The Gallows was also misinterpreted from the Shuttlecraft Gallielo from Kirk’s Enterprise. the reason for the sickness was a leaking plasma core in a dilithium mine. Jankom tries to fix it but the situation becomes so unstable that the Protostar has to save them. But with no crew, Daal has an idea! Use the Enderprizians! they were beamed up to the bridge but have no idea how to use the modern technology so Holo-Janeway makes Holographic inputs to mimic those of the 23-century tech!

Obviously, we got another nick of time save. Now the Enderprizians won’t have to deal with radiation sickness. As far as “second contacts” go it wasn’t that bad.

Before the ship went down they were able to find the last log entry from Ensign David Garrovick. He was a character on Kirk’s ship. Now the reason why the ship was lost is unknown but it’s a great idea that we still had ties to TOS.

A Dauntless Pursuit

The Diviner still on the Dauntless is slowly regaining his memory but the bits and pieces that he does remember paint a very different picture for Adm. Janeway, Let’s see how this will play out.

Captains Log

This was a great episode to lift our spirits. Reminding us what Starfleet is at its core. It was a nice chance for the kids to find themselves again and reignite the fire that is their mission.

Using one of the old TOS shuttles was a great way to tie everything together and the fact we got an HONORABLE red shirt death was only 40 years late, lol.

The similarities had to be inspired by Galaxy Quest but the riffs in mispronunciation and form and even the Vulcan salute just made us older fans melt with that AWWWWW feeling.

Speaking of melting, what’s going on with Murph?

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