Mount Olympus is getting crowded. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is adding two more Greek gods to its pantheon with Jay Duplass and Timothy Omundson. The two are playing Hades and Hephaestus, respectively. They join an already stacked cast with Jason Mantzoukas (Dionysus), Adam Copeland “Edge” (Ares), and Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hermes).

Duplass’s most famous roles include performances in Transparent and Industry. Omundson is a prolific television actor with roles in Supernatural and Psych as highlights. Here’s what author Rick Riordan had to say about the two castings.

What really nailed his (Duplass) perfection for Hades was his recent turn as Jesse Bloom in Industry, season two. He captures the misunderstood, dangerous, gloomy side of the god the Underworld, but also his strangely sweet and quirky demeanor, making him the perfect guy to manifest Nico di Angelo’s dad. It was a thrill, and more than a little surreal, to talk with Jay when he was dressed as Hades and holding court in his otherworldly man cave. His back-and-forth with Percy Jackson was absolutely pitch-perfect.

He (Omundson) brings the perfect sensibility to the god Hephaestus, strongest and most resilient of the gods, sometimes spurned for his differences, but still kindhearted in his own gruff way.

We’ll have to see how both of these gods work into the story for the series. Hades is a large role in The Lightning Thief, the basis for the first season of this show. Hephaestus doesn’t show up in that novel, so they might have to do some narrative shuffling. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is in the stretch run of its initial production. It will release at some point on Disney+.

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Source: Percy Jackson Twitter

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