If you are a collector of Godzilla statues you are not going to want to miss this. Today for Godzilla Day Mondo is releasing their GODZILLA: TOKYO SOS Premium Scale Statue. This limited-edition statue was designed by Francesco Francavilla and Hector Arce (also paint) and sculpted by Tommy Hodges. This amazing statue will be limited to 600 pieces and will retail for $585. This statue will be available to pre-order today at 12 PM CT at mondoshop.com. You can check out the official details below.

GODZILLA: TOKYO SOS Premium Scale Statue

GODZILLA: TOKYO SOS Premium Scale Statue – Limited Edition

Concept Design by Francesco Francavilla and Hector Arce. Sculpt by Tommy Hodges. Paint by Hector Arce. Packaging Art by Francesco Francavilla. Packaging Design by Gabe Chicoine. Photography by Funko Visual Media Team. 

GODZILLA: TOKYO SOS Premium Scale Statue

Product includes:

  • Godzilla statue
  • 2x Mothra Larva
  • Base Diorama
  • (Swappable) Closed lower jaw
  • (Swappable) “Chomping on Mothra’s legs” lower jaw
  • (Swappable) Semi-transparent Heat Ray Attack, with head
  • (Swappable) Tail tip, used to display with or without attached Mothra Larva
GODZILLA: TOKYO SOS Premium Scale Statue

Expected to ship in Spring / Summer 2023 to the U.S. and Canada. Payment plans are available through Sezzle and Shop Pay from Shopify. Free domestic shipping included. Edition of 600$585

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