This may not mean anything to people in the US, but gamers in other countries can expect some seriously high prices for their PS5. Now though, gamers in Brazil can expect a slightly lesser hit to their wallets. Only slightly though.

PlayStation Blog announcement for the PS5 in Portuguese.
Good thing numbers are universal.

As it turns out, the PS5 in Brazil is seriously expensive. Apparently, there’s a tax on gaming-related electronics over there that drives the prices of things like the PS5 straight through the roof. I mean, just look at the original prices. The digital-only version of the PS5 in Brazilian real costed R$4,499, which is equivalent to $792.90 in USD. The version with the Blu-ray disc drive somehow managed to top even that at a whopping R$4,999/$881.02 USD. This is…wow.

Now though, Brazilian gamers can rest just a bit easier with this price cut announced on the PlayStation Blog. Said price cut appears to be the result of the Brazilian government reducing the aforementioned taxes on gaming-related electronics. Now the digital-only version of the PS5 costs R$4,199/$740.03 USD, and the version with the disc drive costs R$4,699/$828.15 USD. To this American gamer’s eyes though, this still looks absurdly expensive. I’ve no idea what the gaming culture over there looks like, but I can imagine that all you gamers over there probably have thinner wallets than normal. You have my sympathy, man.

Brazil: Land of the Absurdly Expensive Gaming Gear

PS5 plus box and controller.
Probably out of reach of all but the most dedicated or richest Brazilian gamers.

There’s more though. The PlayStation Blog reveals that it’s not just the PS5 consoles themselves that will get a price cut. Some of the peripheral gear that comes with the PS5 will also get a price cut.

The wireless DualSense controller will now drop from R$499/$87.94 USD to R$469/$82.66 USD. The HD camera for the PS5 will also get a price cut, from R$449/$79.13 USD to R$419/$73.84 USD.

All of these price cuts will take place immediately, and will apply to preorders already made prior to this price cut as well. Again, this seems like a rather small price cut off of something that was incredibly expensive in the first place. Still, at that price, I suppose any price cut is better than none.


Gamers in Brazil have it rough in spite of this price cut to the PS5. You all have my sympathies, and it makes me glad that our government hasn’t applied any kind of tax to the PS5 when it comes out in November 12 over here. Yet.

Source: PlayStation Blog