Today is Godzilla Day so why not celebrate by ordering some King of the Monsters-themed hot sauces and rubs from Jade City Foods? That’s right, now you can be the King of the Cookouts with Jade City Foods’ 16-piece Hot Sauce gift pack and Series One Godzilla Dry Rub 5-Pack. These larger-than-life flavors are available now at with the 16-pack Godzilla Hot Sauces retailing at $235 and the Dry Rubs at $50. You can check out the official details below.

Godzilla Hot Sauce Collector’s Set 16 Sauces

It’s here, the Godzilla Hot Sauce Collector’s Set of Series 1, 2 &3! As a special exclusive for this set, we are also including Orga’s Absorbing Horror hot sauce!

Here is a list of the sauces included in this set:

  • Doom Inevitable
  • The Fire Demon
  • The Death Song of Three Storms
  • Queen of the Monsters
  • Kawaii Kaiju 
  • Absorbing Horror
  • Cybernetic Slasher
  • Killer of the Living
Godzilla Day
  • The Unbelievable
  • Dark Gaseous Nebula of the Orion
  • God of the Earth
  • Malicious Dreams of the Electric Deity
  • Burrowing Death
  • Kingdom of Mu
  • God of the Seatopians
  • Supersonic Waves 
Godzilla Day

Godzilla Dry Rub 5-Pack : Series 1

Includes the following dry rubs:

  • Dorat’s Futurian Rub : Taco Seasoning
  • Gaia’s Green Hell : BBQ Rub
  • Gigan’s Cyborg of the Century : Beer Can Chicken Rub
  • Godzilla’s Monster Zero-One : Burger Rub
  • Sanda’s Duel of the Giants : All-Purpose Vegetable Rub
Godzilla Dry Rubs

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