Well, it seems that a talented fan artist has managed to fool the internet with his very good but very fake The Legend of Zelda Netflix posters. Or rather, the portion of the internet who don’t read the whole post. Which unfortunately, seems to consist of a significant percentage of several thousand people.

The Legend of Fake (But Epic) Netflix Posters?!

"Netflix's The Legend of Zelda" Tom Holland as Link fan art by Dan Leveille.
Such a great-looking poster of Spidey going very far from home. Too bad that it’s only in a fan’s artistic dreams though.

A very creative fan artist named Dan Leveille has recently posted a number of posters on Facebook. At first glance, these posters would appear to be promotional material for a Netflix live action adaptation of The Legend of Zelda video games by Nintendo. Specifically Ocarina of Time judging from the presence of characters like Saria and Malon, although Urbosa’s presence suggests some Breath of the Wild mixed in.

The posters even include big Hollywood names playing the various characters, including Tom Holland as the hero Link, Emma Watson as the titular Princess Zelda, and Idris Elba as the big bad demonic god-like villain Ganon. It all appears to be very well drawn and professionally done. In some ways, it’s a bit of a disappointment then that Dan Leveille mentions right in the post that these The Legend of Zelda posters are all fan art he did with the assistance of an AI-generated art program called Midjourney. You can check out his exact words below:

“The full cast of Netflix’s live-action Legend of Zelda series just dropped, revealing an all-star cast starring Tom Holland, Emma Watson, and Idris Elba!

It looks like the series will bring together a mix of the franchise’s most beloved characters throughout the years.

(JK. Made with #midjourney, inpainting with #dalle, some facial correction using Tencent ARC, and a bunch of Photoshop)

UPDATE (Oct 10): Major casting announcement coming soon! 🤣 Follow for updates!”

Unfortunately, the quality of these The Legend of Zelda fan-made posters combined with Facebook users’ inability to read has resulted in a bunch of people genuinely believing that these posters are the real deal. While we might never know the exact number, the fact that the post has over 5.5k reactions, 5.2k comments, and 29k shares should tell you that enough of them believe in these posters for this to go viral. It was viral enough that even Kotaku had to step in to tell people that these posters are fake. Who knows? Maybe people might even listen.

Netflix’s The Legend of Zelda Fake Posters ~ Gallery

"Netflix's The Legend of Zelda" Emma Watson as Zelda fan art by Dan Leveille.
I see Midjourney is going with the Breath of the Wild look for Zelda.

Just because all of these The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time posters are fake though doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them. Dan Leveille still made some incredible pieces of fan art, after all. You’ve seen Link and Zelda above. Now check out everyone else below:

"Netflix's The Legend of Zelda" Idris Elba as Ganon fan art by Dan Leveille.
Idris Elba’s deep sonorous voice would’ve been perfect for Ganon.
"Netflix's The Legend of Zelda" Gemma Chan as Great Fairy fan art by Dan Leveille.
Now all she needs to do is pull off her trademark maniacal laugh.
"Netflix's The Legend of Zelda" Sadie Sink as Malon fan art by Dan Leveille.
Is it just me, or does Malon look a bit…off here in the head department?
"Netflix's The Legend of Zelda" Danny DeVito as Tingle fan art by Dan Leveille.
Who knows? Danny DeVito might even live to see this happen.
"Netflix's The Legend of Zelda" Jameela Jamil as Urbosa fan art by Dan Leveille.
My only complaint with this is that her hair isn’t red like the actual Gerudo are.
"Netflix's The Legend of Zelda" Maisie Williams as Saria fan art by Dan Leveille.
Is it just me, or does this Saria look a bit…cold?
"Netflix's The Legend of Zelda" Meryl Streep as Twinrova fan art by Dan Leveille.
I would pay to watch Meryl Streep argue with herself as Twinrova.
"Netflix's The Legend of Zelda" Steve Buscemi as Dampe fan art by Dan Leveille.
Creepiness personified here, which is perfect for a graveyard sexton.

Source: Facebook

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