Step aside Avatar, because Spider-Man: No Way Home is now officially the new kid on the Hollywood block. Especially since Spidey is showing his mad money-earning skills at the box office.

Spider-Man Slinging Past Jake Sully Into Third Place

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" theatrical poster.
As it turns out: Spider-ception is best Spidey.

Variety is reporting that Spider-Man: No Way Home has now grossed a cool $760.9 million USD at the US and Canadian/domestic box office, which has since then bumped itself up to $761 million USD on Box Office Mojo as of this writing. This means that Tom Holland‘s (and Sony‘s) Spidey’s latest web-slinging adventure has officially overtaken Jake Sully’s adventures on Pandora as the third highest-grossing film of the domestic box office. For comparison: Box Office Mojo reports Avatar as “only” grossing $749.8 million USD at the same domestic box office.

Tom Holland has a lot to boast about here. But will it match up to Sam Worthington’s performance?

With a difference of $11.2 million USD, it’s pretty clear that Spider-Man: No Way Home has officially taken the US and Canadian box office prize. Avatar is now officially in fourth place as far as the domestic box office is concerned. However, is this enough for Spidey to beat the Na’vi internationally? Well…

Spider-Man: No Way Home Vs. Avatar: Still No Match Abroad

"Avatar" theatrical poster.
I guess the Na’vi still rule Pandora…and the international box office.

Unfortunately for Tom Holland, Sam Worthington still has him beat outside of North America. Box Office Mojo reports that Avatar has grossed $2.7 billion USD worldwide. Meanwhile, Spider-Man: No Way Home has managed to rack up a respectable but still inferior amount of $1.8 billion at the same global box office. This latest installation of the Spider-Man films from Sony would have to earn another $900 million USD just to have a chance of beating Avatar internationally.

Sci-fi action still beats superheroes duking it out, apparently.

Sorry Jon Watts, but as great as Spider-Man: No Way Home is, you still have a ways to go before you can catch up to James Cameron. Especially what with Cameron already making Avatar 2. Maybe next time Watts.

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