A couple of weeks ago, we reported that a Blu-ray release of Freddy’s Nightmares was coming from the German label Pidax Film Media. Now, according to a new report from BluRay-Disc.DE, that release has been canceled. Here is the quote translated from German.

After a friendly note to the reader and consultation with Pidax film media Ltd. Unfortunately, we have to announce that the release of “Freddy’s Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street – The Series” has been cancelled. There is no official justification.

This is an incredibly disappointing turn of events for fans of physical media and Freddy’s Nightmares. This release, while region locked and on SD Blu-ray, would have been a great way to watch the entire series all in one place. We previously got Freddy’s Nightmares earlier this year on streaming for the first time thanks to Screambox, now it’s available on Tubi for free.

The show pushed the boundaries of what it meant to show horror on TV and gave us some really solid episodes featuring Freddy as host and even had some episodes where he starred in it.

We’re still waiting for a good release of the show on Blu-ray that isn’t just episodes ripped from the airings on the El Rey Network from long ago. We’re also still waiting for a collector’s box-set for the entire A Nightmare On Elm Street series. But we’ll have to keep waiting as the series has been dormant since the ill-fated reboot/remake in 2010.

As for reasons why this one was canceled, it’s not clear. It could be an issue with the Craven estate, a rights issue, or something else. We’ll likely never know for sure, but let’s hope we can get an even better release for everyone around the world.

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Source: Bluray-Disc.de

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