Ever since New Line Cinema and HBOMax announced that Lana Condor (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) and Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) are going to be in a movie together I’ve been waiting on every detail! Finally, we have a first look image, as well as the official trailer!


(L-R) COLE SPROUSE as Walt and LANA CONDOR as Sophie in New Line Cinema and HBO Max’s romantic comedy “MOONSHOT.”
Photo Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures.

Moonshot tells the story of Sophie (Condor) who, like most 20-somethings, is faced with a world, or planet, of choices! Her long-planet boyfriend, Calvin (Mason Gooding) has moved to Mars! Yes! Mars! At first, this was temporary, but now it seems more permanent. As you can see in the trailer, Sophie is trying to decide if it’s worth uprooting her life and moving to Mars for him. I mean, he does check all her boxes.

Sophie goes to her good friend, Walt (Sprouse) to help her make her decision. In the end, Sophie gets her ticket and heads to Mars. However, it seems Walt has his own plans. While he’s pretty content with his going nowhere assistant barista job, we can see in the trailer he decides to sneak onboard the ship!

Now, Sophie is forced to conspire with her stowaway in order to not get caught and make it to Mars. The trailer shows cute moments between the two leads and makes me even more excited for this film!


Official Synopsis: Moonshot is a romantic comedy with a twist that follows Walt and Sophie as they join forces in order to be reunited with their significant others, embarking upon a lively journey that winds up taking them both wildly and unexpectedly off course.

Along with Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor, the film stars Mason Gooding (Love, Victor), Emily Rudd (Fear Street trilogy), and Zach Braff (Garden State).

The film is directed by Christopher Winterbauer and adapted from Max Taxe’s screenplay. Moonshot is Taxe’s feature film screenwriting debut. The film is produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Jill McElroy, and Jenna Sarkin. While Michael Riley McGrath, Richard Brener, Nikki Ramey, Paulina Sussman, Dana Fox, and Michelle Morrissey serve as executive producers.

You can watch Moonshot exclusively streaming on HBOMax beginning March 31, 2022!