I love, love. I love romcoms, smutty books, and romance novels. So, if ones coming out I’m watching it. Netflix has been riding the rom-com train for a while now and just like most films they’re hit or miss. When it comes to Love in the Villa, sadly it’s pretty mid.


Love in the Villa stars Kat Graham (The Vampire Diaries) as Jules, a Type-A, super Virgo, Romeo and Juliet obsessed 3rd-grade teacher. Jules has been planning a trip to Verona, Italy for years and the time has finally come. However, right before the trip, her boyfriend breaks up with her because he’s overwhelmed by all the planning. Personally, I find a planner a dream come true, but whatever. 

So, when Jules arrives at her Villa in Verona, it turns out that the space has been double booked! So, now she has to share her dream villa with a cynical and very good-looking British man played by Tom Hopper (The Umbrella Academy). Instead of making the best out of a bad situation, the two bully each other relentlessly in hopes that the other will move out. 

Personally, I think Jules takes it way too far. Tom is allergic to cats like he could die allergic. She also gets him ARRESTED and he travels internationally for work. That’s not funny, that’s messing with his life and career. The worst thing he does is make her an Italian delicacy making her think she ate horse meat. Big whoop.


The enemies to lovers is actually one of my favorite tropes. 10 Things I Hate About You anyone?  However, I don’t care for the bullying trope and that’s all this film is. Somehow, through all this, we’re supposed to believe they have one heart-to-heart talk, magically bond, and fall in love. Maybe.

I could suspend my disbelief if Kat Graham and Tom Hopper had ANY chemistry. The two barely seemed to like each other, let alone be in love with each other. So, a not-so-great story paired with zero chemistry is not a recipe for greatness. 

And don’t get me started on Kat’s costuming…atrocious. 


I love the setting! I don’t know if they built a set or if they actually filmed in Verona, but it’s stunning. The soundtrack is also fire! The film has an entire Italian cover soundtrack that sets the mood perfectly for each scene.

Tom Hopper’s wife, Laura Hopper plays a fantastic character, Cassie. Cassie is Tom’s on and off-again finance who shows up at the end of the 2nd act to add more drama. She is absolutely hilarious and such a needed breath of fresh air for this film.

Love in the Villa hits Netflix on September 1st, 2022. Watch it…or don’t.