I’m a huge fan of shark movies. I don’t care if they’re low-budget or big-budget studio productions. I love to be scared and I love to disappear into the ridiculousness. When it comes to Saban’s MANEATER somehow they manage to blend the fun of big budget with low budget quirk. 

MANEATER stars Shane West (Gotham) and Country Star Trace Adkins. The film tells the story of a group of friends who head off to a beautiful island only to be terrorized by a Great White Shark who likes to play with its food. I don’t mean that metaphorically.


It’s easy to be pretentious when it comes to shark movies, but I guarantee if you look back at ones once deemed epic, you’ll realize they are not as good as you remember. (Deep Blue Sea I’m looking at you.)

While MANEATER isn’t mindblowing by any means, it’s a great time! The story wastes no time setting up exactly what this film is going to be and never lets up on that promise. I found myself laughing, and cheering the whole time.

I’ve also decided that this film is 100% a prequel, and once you realize the story is about Harlan (Adkins) and not the hot people it all makes more sense. We meet Harlan as he’s saying goodbye to his daughter who’s heading off to surf. Sadly, but not surprisingly, she is dismembered by the shark. The local authorities are doing nothing. So, Harlan sets off on his own revenge journey to take out the shark that destroyed his family.

While Harlan is doing that, we meet our hot people. The group revolves around Jessie (Nicky Whelan) who goes on what was supposed to be her honeymoon with her best friends. Something I LOVED about this film that makes it different from other shark movies is no one is killed in front of anyone else for a while. Typically, a shark murders someone in front of the other characters. Not this shark. They’re picking them off one by one only to have it all culminate together in epic proportions! 


Honestly, the least believable thing about this movie is the fact that not one of these characters wanted to sleep with Shane West. That’s obviously incorrect. Also, the storyline about Jessie going on his would-be honeymoon with her friends was totally unnecessary. It could’ve just been friends on vacation and had the same story. Jessie’s broken heart has zero to do with anything.

The shark is CGI, which doesn’t bother me. We have all learned from Jaws that salt water and animatronics do not mix. My issue with the shark is it’s a Great White. I’m so over the sharks in these films being Great Whites. There are so many other sharks more terrifying! For example, the Tiger Shark. I’d even settle for a Sand Tiger Shark, they like the shallows. What about a Mako Shark? I’d even take a Black Tip or Bull Shark. Let’s branch out people!

Also, the blonde always lives. Can we let someone else survive? It’s also not totally clear if West’s character survives in the end. Is this a possible way to turn him into an actual pirate to join Harlan?

In the end, the film totally sets up the possibility of Harlan having more shark hunting adventures. Let me just say – I NEED THOSE MOVIES! He’s the best character in the entire film. 

MANEATER hits theaters and VOD Friday, August 26th, 2022! It’s definitely worth your time.