Were it not for COVID-19, fans would have already experienced Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters. While the official release has been pushed back, new content has been rolling out to keep fans engaged.

Today we have some new promotional images from Twitter. Check out Wonder Woman in action below:

At least one of the images appears to be formatted as a 2021 calendar page. However, fans are most excited to see that Wonder Woman appears to be flying. (Not a power she possessed in the first Wonder Woman film.) I’m not convinced she’s actually flying. It seems more likely that it’s a dramatic jump to me.

Still, with the film’s release now delayed multiple times, it’s nice to get any new content. WW1984’s original June release was pushed to August due to COVID-19 concerns, and then again to October 2.

When Will We Know More About WW1984?

If all the recent promotions are anything to go by, we may continue to get small updates throughout the next few months.

A number of other WW1984 promotions also appeared online recently. A set of playing cards gave fans their first potential look at Cheetah transformed. Mattel released special edition Diana Prince and Steve Trevor Barbie dolls. And just earlier today, Loungefly dropped a SDCC exclusive WW1984 mini backpack.

The variety of merch may be a crowd pleaser, but what about more information about the film itself?

Fans should expect a significant update from DC in late August. Warner Bros. will host DC FanDome, a day of virtual panels and announcements about upcoming films. The WW1984 cast and crew should be there to offer a more in-depth preview of the film. DC FanDome will have a Q&A session and will likely showcase new footage. The event occurs August 22.

Check back to That Hashtag Show for the latest updates on Wonder Woman 1984 or any other general pop culture.

Source: ComicBook