Grab your second controller because Ready Player Two is on the way!

The beloved best-selling novel, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is getting a sequel. The publishing company Ballantine Books announced Ready Player Two will be released November 24 and preorders are now available. The sequel’s release is nine years in the making. With its initial publishing in 2011, Ready Player One piqued readers’ interest through its video game references, pop culture nods, and non-stop action. 

Why A Sequel?

The book was such a success that Steven Spielberg adapted Ready Player One into a feature film in 2018. The film adaptation pushed the story further to more audiences who have not read the book. And a name like Spielberg is the perfect person to bring Cline’s futuristic, dystopian world of the OASIS to life. In fact, the release of the film was one of the main reasons why Cline decided to work faster on a sequel. 

Ready Player Two

In a 2018 interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Cline said, “I had to start writing the sequel last year while the movie was being finished just to stay ahead of the curve. It’s a good problem to have, but if this movie does well, the following week they’ll decide whether or not they want to make Ready Player Two, and it occurred to me I should finish it.” 

Although there are no details regarding the plot of Ready Player Two, the sequel will most likely pick up from the first book. With Wade Watts gaining control of the OASIS. And of course, there will be no shortage of video game Easter eggs and cameos. 

Do you think this means another Spielberg film down the line? Let us know what you think. 

Ready Player Two is currently available for preorder here and comes out November 24, 2020. 

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