After reading Mighty Morphin 10 many MMPR fams are asking how do you follow that up?! Simple, keep this story rolling along in both the past and present! SPOILERS AHEAD

10,000 Years Ago SOMEWHERE

The now scarred and presumed dead Zophram is broken not only is his flesh torn from his body but his mind is starting to go as well. trying to comprehend what has transpired and looking for someone to blame. Zartus on the other hand is now it’s playing his long con against his compatriot. You really have to admire Zartus’ patience to work out his plan over 10000 years.

Back in Present Day Angel Grove

The “newer” rangers welcome Billy to the lunch table and try to get his perspective on the situation and inform him that Zordon is seriously considering stripping him of his power coin. But at the juice bar, Matt sneaks up on Kimberly thinking everything is ok. Kimberly shot him down in every way possible! Friendly, Professionally, and with the spite of a jilted Ex.

In the Command Center

Zordon and Supreme Commander Zartus have been strategizing for hours over a way to retrieve Zeyla from Lord Zedd’s clutches. Tommy being a cautious leader, is skeptical. Zartus butts in and tells the Rangers they will have back up. In teleports, his special force team, known as Sentry Force Four. They all follow various tropes: Zero-Zero The Tank, Zag The Fast One, Zeta The Silent Sword Guy, and Zenith “The Girl”

As the team chats up their new allies, Zartus pulls Tommy aside to chat and mentions that if another ranger gets out of line as Billy did. They are easily replaceable…

Back at Prometheia

After class Billy is working on a secret project and won’t even tell all MIGHTY Grace what it is. Grace is asking what the hell an Eltarian warship is doing above Angel Grove. She poking and prodding Billy’s projects wondering what he’s doing. He is reluctant, she reminds Billy who is in charge but also says that regardless of his ranger status he will always have a place for him there.

Also, you’ll notice she, suspicious as always is worried about the Eltarians being here on Earth.

Up in Space

Zartus reminds his team that they are not on a field trip but to assess their new targets, The Rangers! Zelya has “escaped” from Zedd already. Zartus is overjoyed and proud of his guardian and tells her to take a much-needed rest. Zenith tells her commander that Zelya is lying.

As Zartus is in his quarters he opens a safe and inside: The Zeo Crystal itself! Seconds later he is ambushed by Zeyla, no knowing the truth of the Eltarian Empire, via Lord Zedd’s story. Zag teleports in to defend his commander with backup from Zeta. They take her into custody.

Zartus sends a message to Zordon informing him that Zelya was able to escape. Zartus asks Zordon for the power coins after they deal with Zedd so he and the Eltarian Guard can take care of the Empyreals in space. Zordon being the loyal soldier of course agrees.

After the communication stops. Zordon warns the Rangers that the Eltarian Invasion has begun…

Thoughts from THE GRID

Like I said after the big reveal in the last issue, to keep going makes total sense. No need to have a speedbump along the way. The pacing for this story was excellent considering the number of storylines that were being juggled. Speaking of the storylines I really liked the fact the art changed slightly as the focus changed.

Zordon’s warning at the end means he is more than ready for the upcoming battle. I was quite surprised by him being two-faced to his old comrade. Whatever Billy is working on too will I would hopefully prove useful in the upcoming next story arc.

I’m liking the fact that as much as this series was building up to Matt and the new Green Ranger stuff it’s not settling into the next big war. a war that will prove Matt’s worth as a ranger and hopefully we can see where his allegiance will lie. Whether this invasion/war will be a war fought on 2 or 3 fronts remains to be seen. Or is Zophram, I mean Zedd, going to sit by idly waiting to take both sides out in a weakened state?

Covered like no other!

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