Straight from the master himself, John Carpenter. That’s our first look at the upcoming sequel to 2018’s Halloween. Halloween Kills was set to release this October, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, its getting pushed back to October 15, 2021. The teaser given by Carpenter isn’t much but it shows what’s likely to be in the opening of the film. Laurie Strode, and her daughter, and granddaughter are on the run after a night of horror from Michael Myers.

The first responders on the scene to the fire that should have killed Michael once and for all, are likely to give him a new life. And another reason to go after the Strode family. The original Halloween II followed a sort of similar trajectory, taking place on the same fateful Halloween night. This time, Laurie has more than Doctor Loomis on her side though.

Normally “teaser trailers” like this would be just a quick shot of the villain or main character in costume and that’s it. This time we’re treated to what could be the first 30 seconds or so of the film. That’s pretty awesome on their part.

As for the release above from Carpenter, there are some interesting details about the legacy characters that could be returning for the production. Seeing Tommy and Lindsay all grown up and having to deal with Michael just like Laurie and her family will surely be a treat.

As for the delay, it’s disappointing. But it’s also necessary to give moviegoers the best possible experience. It would have been compromised if it released this October, and we might get a better product out of it now.

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