This week’s batch of Future State titles brings us Harley Quinn 2. Back when Harley Quinn 1 helped to kick off the Future State run, I said it really did not feel like Harley Quinn. I hoped the second issue might redeem the first in some form, but sadly, the second issue follows all of the trends of the first. If you enjoyed the first issue, you will enjoy this one, but any problems you had with the first issue only continue here.

The Magistrate captured Harley Quinn. Her lackey, Jonathan Crane (aka- Scarecrow), talked Harley into helping them take down Black Mask after a few loyalty tests. This issue starts with Black Mask being his usual, self-absorbed, homicidal self. He kills a Senator that betrayed him, leaving plenty of evidence for Harley and Crane to find.

Harley leads Crane and the authorities to a warehouse where she crosses everyone up and slips away. Crane becomes furious and melts back into his Scarecrow persona, and a three way battle ensues between Harley, Black Mask and Scarecrow. Of course Harley ducks and weaves and leaves both Sionis and Crane in the handcuffs of the authorities.

Harley Quinn
Harley tees up Black Mask

Harley Quinn 2 – Harley, Not Harley

This is by no means a bad comic. It just isn’t “Harley”. If the Future State event happen in the future, why does Harley look younger than ever? Even her design seems a bit off. They hit all the Harley Quinn trademark looks, but it just doesn’t feel like Harley.

Also, the character of Harley struggles to act like Harley Quinn. Whether it be in the pages of Batman, her own various guest appearances and other titles, or her HBOMax series, Harley runs more of a mouth and has an almost naïve innocence to her attitude. Of course it hides a brilliant mind underneath. This story seemed more in-line with Canary or Batgirl than Harley Quinn.

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