With the March release of Godzilla VS Kong right around the corner, Godzilla fans like myself can hardly wait! But it is not only the movie that is getting fans excited, it is also all the great merchandise that goes along with it. From toys to clothes there is no shortage of the King of the Monsters merchandise. Well, thanks to PINTRILL we have even more to add to that list, with their officially licensed Godzilla pins by TOHO.

Godzilla series 1 pins
Godzilla Series 1 set from PINTRILL

Godzilla Series 1 & 2 Pin Sets From PINTRILL Review

Well, thanks to our friends over at PINTRILL, I was able to check out both series from their Godzilla lineup. While the series 1 set gives us a 3D antique look, the second series gives us a Chibi art style. Both of these sets included the following monsters.






Mothra Pin


Rodan pin

King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah pin

Pros of the Godzilla Series 1 & 2 Pin Sets From PINTRILL

  • From the antique look to the Chibi art style, each series gives you a unique look.
  • The card-back art adds to the excitement of each pin and would look great in any collection.
  • The series 1 3D look and details make these pins stand out whether you have them in your collection or on your shirt.
  • The series 2 Chibi art style with its details and colors just makes the pins fun to look at.
  • The bigger series 1 pins use two rubber clutches to secure the pins better.

Cons of the Godzilla Series 1 & 2 Pin Sets From PINTRILL

  • If you like to keep your pins on the card-back there is no pre-punched hole to hang the pins. (yes I know it is like that for most pins)
  • Like most pins, they come with rubber clutches. These clutches can loosen over time.
Godzilla Pintrill series 2 pins
Godzilla Series 2 set from PINTRILL

My Final Thoughts

As a huge Godzilla fan, I love these pins. Not only are they amazing looking, but they add something different to my collection. These pins are a must-have for any Godzilla collector. I really hope we will see a series 3 set soon. But until then, you can find these pins over at PINTRILL.com where they retail for $12 each. Also when you are there keep an eye out for special discounts like free shipping and their build a pack special. (sales can change at any time)

We Want To Hear From You

What are your thoughts on the Godzilla pins from PINTRILL? What is your favorite pin or pins from these sets? Also, what other monsters would you like to see added to this lineup? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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