Well, it seems Aniplex Online Fest 2022 is pretty eager to hype up their online convention. Why else would they announce the initial round of guest appearances?

Guest Stars: Round 1

With Johnny Yong Bosch as the narrator to boot.

Aniplex just announced the first round of guest appearances for Aniplex Online Fest 2022 on YouTube and on their official website. The list of guests is quite extensive and covers a broad spectrum of anime series. In fact, almost all of these special guests in this first list are voice talents for the various anime series they’re in, with some production staff mixed in. Ranging from Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War to My Dress-Up Darling, anime fans will likely find at least one of their favorite stars making an appearance.

Aniplex Online Fest 2022 will take place on September 23, 2022, at 8:00 PM (PT). The livestream will take place on YouTube on that date. Not only that, but due to its very nature, viewing will be entirely free. If you want to find out what this virtual convention has to offer for online fans, then head to YouTube on that date. Especially since the in-person event will be held in Japan only. Considering that most people in NA can’t afford to fly to Japan on a whim to attend this event in person, the virtual event might be your only option there.

Want to know the full list of voice talents making a guest appearance for Aniplex Online Fest 2022? Then check out said list below:

Aniplex Online Fest 2022: Guest Appearances Round 1

Aniplex Online Fest 2022 guest appearances round 1.
Please ignore that date, as that’s for Japanese audiences. Apparently, we’re getting this a day before Japan.

All Saints Street

  • Daiki Yamashita

BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War

"BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War" key art.
Now this is what I call a key art for the final season of Bleach.
  • Masakazu Morita


  • Yoshino Aoyama

Engage Kiss

  • Lynn
  • Rumi Okubo
  • Saya Aizawa
  • Soma Saito

My Dress-Up Darling

"My Dress-Up Darling" key art.
It looks like a fantasy anime, but it isn’t.
  • Hina Suguta
  • Shoya Ishige

Raven of the Inner Palace

  • Saku Mizuno

The Misfit of Demon King AcademyⅡ: History’s Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants

  • Tomori Kusunoki
  • Yuko Natsuyoshi

Tomo-chan Is a Girl!

"Tomo-chan Is a Girl!" key art.
How he never noticed that she’s a girl will be a mystery for the ages, I suspect.
  • Kaito Ishikawa (also for All Saints Street)
  • Rie Takahashi

Source: Aniplex YouTube Channel, Aniplex Online Fest News