WW84 and Godzilla V Kong
Two giants move dates once more

The sports world is beginning to warm up for competition this fall. Universities release plans for their fall schedules and businesses plan to open once more. Even theaters plan to reopen soon, but how do they open when they have no movies to show? As movie goers try to figure out what they might see when theaters do finally open, two major tent pole movies said “no thanks”. Wonder Woman 1984 and Godzilla V Kong moved again.

WW84 and Godzilla Moved Again: Afraid to Take a Hit

Movie theaters may be gearing up to reopen, but once they do that does not mean audiences will return in numbers rivaling pre-pandemic levels. The first few blockbusters that would draw people back to the big screen will sill suffer box office losses greater than they should. No studio wants to be the sacrificial lamb needed to restart the movie industry.

Wonder Woman 84 held a release date in mid August. While not a prime spot for a movie this big, it was not terrible. With the pandemic, though, one could guess WW 84 would fail to hit half the box office it should have. WW 84 now releases on Oct 2, 2020. I am not sure this date improves much. A few more people may return to theaters by then, but October usually is a rest month before the holiday season.

Godzilla V Kong joins WW84 in pulling up stakes, but its move might be more profitable. Formerly set to release in mid November, GvK now prepares to release May 21, 2021. This date might help the titans more than the WW84 move. Memorial Day is a terrible weekend for big movies any more (as proved by Solo), but this would be the week before. This might give it two weekends to play, and hopefully more movie goers will be back by then.

WW84 and Godzilla Moved Again: Someone Needs to Step Up

Movie theaters may be ready to open, but how are they to make money if they have no movies to show? Studios are going to need to step up and sacrifice some movies to whet the appetites of movie goers. This lull in attendance may be something that lasts through he holiday season, so no movie will bring in what it would have pre-pandemic.

Looking ahead for the rest of 2020, the schedule is rather anemic. A small handful of titles even remain at this point to draw in audiences. Theaters may need to become creative and re-release older movies to draw in audiences.