Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 6 Scars picks up right where we left off with Tabitha sharing with Imogen about the night of the party that she can’t remember. 


Tabitha shares that on the night of her assault she was drinking and was drugged. While trying to walk home she gets lost in the woods. There she was assaulted, but she doesn’t know who it was. Imogen shares that she remembers even less. Even though Imogen (Bailee Madison) doesn’t initially share her story at that moment, eventually she does. It was after the party at Kelly and Karen’s home where they got into a huge fight. She was also drugged and woke up very much knowing she was assaulted…and now pregnant.

The two of them head off on a road trip adventure to meet the one person willing to talk about Angela Waters. This is when we meet Crazy Joe who lives in a train car. Joe informs them that he was in love with Angela. Then shares this wild story about how her mother Rose came to school with a knife and tried to attack a table of boys. After the incident, she was sent to live in an asylum in Rosewood (!). 

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Chapter 5 – Scars – Imogen and Tabitha meet Crazy Joe!

When they return to Millwood, they inform the rest of the group of their findings. They all agree crazy Joe is definitely a person of interest. After doing a little research, the girls learn that the Rosewood Assylum was closed and turned into a fancy hotel. So, Tabby and Imogen go on another road trip out to Rosewood to continue their investigation. 

There they meet Eddie Lamb (who is also from the original Pretty Little Liars). He is now the maintenance manager at the hotel and holds the key to more information they need. So, Imogen rents a room at the hotel and waits for him to return in the morning. While Imogen enjoys the luxuries of the fancy hotel, Tabitha heads out on her own to explore. She winds up at Ezra’s Books – yes, that Ezra. There she meets a cute Rosewood boy who asks her out on a date. However, Tabitha has a wild daydream about going on the date and him assaulting her at the end of it. So, she turns him down and heads back to the hotel.

While Tabitha i gone, Imogen does recon of her own. She gets Eddie’s number from a maid and set up a breakfast get-together with him. The next morning, the girls meet Eddie Lamb and he brings the visitor log book from the asylum that he just happens to still have. In it, they say that multiple people signed in as Angela Waters in order to visit Rose. However, they notice all the signatures are different. So, they assume it’s their mothers coming to visit out of guilt.

Eddie Lamb is full of secret information. He informs the girls that Rose was diagnosed with trauma-induced psychosis, as well as schizophrenia. After the asylum closed she was either sent to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy over in Riverdale or shipped out of town. Then, he drops another huge information bomb! Angela Waters was raped before killing herself.

On their way home, Tabitha rechecks the log book and realizes there are 6 different signatures, not 5. So, who is the new mystery person?


While Mouse (Malia Pyles) is trying to cut ties with Steven – the grieving father – Ash (Jodan Gonzalez) asks her to go on a cute Bowling Date! However, Steve shows up pretending to be her father! So now Mouse has a stalker. She tries to confront him telling him she’s not Rachel, but he doesn’t care. Steven doubles down by introducing himself to Ash as her father.

Kelly gets her own storyline this time around. However, it’s not great for her. When talking with Greg about how he still wants to hook up with her she tells him no. Then she gets a text from “A” saying “Kelly or Karen?” Then, “A” chases Kelly with a knife while wearing a Swan Lake costume. They back her into a corner where she screams she’s Kelly! Is this the end of this red herring mystery?


Noa is still so worried about her mother that she turns down a spot on the track team. So, even though Noa turned in her mom causing her to lose her job she’s still choosing to sacrifice herself. However, she convinces her mother to go to rehab for 30 days in order to get her job back. Her mother agrees, but it’s all spoiled after Shawn stops by. 

Shawn takes it upon himself to scold Marjorie for what she’s done to her daughter. Which is never a great thing to do to an addict. So now, Marjorie is being passive aggressive refusing to go to rehab, and getting a job at the local pizza spot. Which we all know is a drug hotbed.


Faran’s (Zaria Simone) storyline gets way more interesting in this episode. She seems to have let go of the is Kelly actually Karen storyline, actually apologizing to her, and we dive a lot more into her. Faran asks the costumer if she would add more fabric to her Swan Lake costume, showing her, her back, but not the audience. We know Faran had scoliosis as a kid, so I’m assuming she has a huge scar from surgery. 

Faran’s mother, Corey (Zakiya Young) gets her package from “A”. Inside we see a bloody tattoo gun and FLASHBACK! We see a young Corey and Angela Waters at a tattoo parlor. She convinces Angela to get a tattoo because all the girls are getting one. Instead, she leaves her there forever scared with an A tattoo.

Faran has her audition for a prestigious ballet school and they are impressed by how far she’s come while having scoliosis. Corey offers to take her daughter to see a plastic surgeon in order to get rid of her scar. While Faran goes to the consultation, after listening to the daughter she tells her mother off for even considering putting her through that much pain again.

Faran receives a text from “A” saying something along the lines of scars are found deeper and how her mother did both her and Angela dirty. “A” leaves Faran’s childhood medical records in her locker to find. While reading she learns that the surgery her mother had performed on her as a child was unnecessary. It was totally possible Faran could’ve grown out of her childhood scoliosis, but instead her mother chose to do the surgery anyway.

However, she gets a bit of happy news when she learns Kelly has dropped out of Swan Lake and she’s back in the lead dancer position.


Noa rejoins the track team. But, we also see Noa’s mom buying drugs from a dealer in the back of the pizza shop – shocker. 

All the girls go to Swan Lake to show support for Faran, but they’re not alone. Steve is still stalking Mouse at Swan Lake.

Faran, embracing her scars, takes a new dance shot showing her scar and updates her bio calling out her terrible mother and the surgery. She also kisses Henry (Ben Cook), her dance partner. However, at the end of the episode, Faran’s father comes to get her because her mother has been in a horrible car accident. Is it A’s doing or was she just driving upset after seeing the photo and bio?

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 6 Scars REVIEW

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Scars gave us so much information I’m still digesting it. Angela’s mother Rose has to still be alive somewhere, maybe even living in Millwood. Who assaulted Angela? Did Angela’s baby survive the fall? Is her child A? I also love all the OG Pretty Little Liars easter eggs we got throughout the episode.

Chip is getting sketchier by the minute. I don’t know what it is, but I’m no longer feeling like Wes is the only bad guy working at that movie theater. However, if I’m right…I’m gonna be UPSET because I really like him.

Noa is making terrible life decisions left and right and it’s really sad to see. I hope that her mother eventually gets the help she needs so Noa can live a full life and no longer mother her mother. Mouse has dug herself into a terrifying hole with this Steve guy. How far is he willing to go to keep her in his life? Will she eventually tell her moms?

Faran’s storyline breaks my heart. How incredibly devastating to a person to find out that their own mother chose to maim them because of their insecurities?! Ugh. I can’t wait for the next episode!